Quiz: Could you be the next Jane Bond?

Ever wanted to be Ros from Spooks? 
Ever wanted to be Ros from Spooks?  Credit:  BBC/Kudos Productions

GCHQ has announced that it wants to recruit more tech-savvy young women to cyber security roles. A online quiz has been launched, targeted at teenage girls, to test their logic and code-breaking skills.

The hope is to attract more women and shatter the stereotype that the intelligence services are only for the male and pale.

As well as stonking digital skills, women have strong emotional intelligence, making them ideal candidates for roles involving communication analysis. And, as Keira Knightley reminded us in The Imitation Game, female codebreakers were essential in the cracking of the Enigma code.

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The secret services aren’t just after teenagers though, and in their bid to have a 45 per cent female workforce by 2021, have used websites such as Mumsnet to find suitably qualified recruits.

Life experience is now valued as highly as coding skills.  

So are you ready to be the next Jane Bond? Take our quiz below to find out if you’ve got what it takes...