'You look fat': The worst comments pregnant women have received at work

A pregnant woman in the workplace
A pregnant woman in the workplace Credit: Blue Jean Images/Alamy

Discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace is sadly nothing new. Yet a new Mumsnet thread has shed light on some of the most bizarre and offensive examples.

It details some of the sexist and plain stupid comments pregnant women have had in the workplace - ranging from observations on weight to questions about parentage.

The conversation was started by a woman who is currently 25 weeks pregnant. When she told a colleague that she was planning to attend a prestigious work event the follow week, they replied: “You’re going to go. Well.. won’t it look a bit… Well you’re pregnant. Won’t it look a bit unprofessional?”

You look like a big sugar plum fairy

Her comment sparked a stream of similar anecdotes from women. “I was asked whether it was planned,” said one. “Oh sorry, did I forget to tell you I was having unprotected sex with my husband?”

Another said: “I was asked if my other half was definitely the father, as my bump was huge and my other half is quite slim.”

Many women reported being asked who the father of their unborn babies were, while another was advised to change her title from 'Ms' to 'Mrs' so they hospital “wouldn’t think she was a single mother.”

One woman wrote: “I was asked by the new guy at work (after we'd been working together for a grand total of two days) exactly how much weight I had gained. I wanted to snap back with ‘not sure, but my belly's still smaller than yours,’ but then you end up sounding defensive!”

Women have experienced a stream of sexist questions when pregnant at work

Another said that when she was six months pregnant, a colleague told her: “You look like a big sugar plum fairy.”

“After hearing the news the first words of out my colleague’s mouth were, ‘wow how does your partner feel about it?’ followed by a concerned look,” reported one woman.

On Twitter, Telegraph Women has received a number of messages from women explaining situations equally as bizarre and inappropriate at work.

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