This woman was tired of seeing naked men on dating apps. So she did an experiment

A woman sent vagina photos to men on Bumble
A woman sent vagina photos to men on Bumble Credit: David Sutherland/Getty Images

Kerry Quinn, 27, was sick of receiving images of penises from men on dating apps.

Like most women who used apps such as Tinder, she was often sent unsolicited photos of male genitalia and hated it.

“I get more unsolicited d*** pics than you could ever imagine,” she wrote on Thrillist. “Let’s be honest: while I enjoy penises, I don't necessarily want unexpected visual boners intruding on my day.”

It’s why she decided to turn the tables by sending vagina photos to men.

The idea was to inundate men with photos of a vagina she’d found online to see if they found it just as annoying and uncomfortable as women did.

They didn’t.

Quinn used 'feminist dating app' Bumble for her experiment, which allows users to swipe left or right for potential matches but only lets women send the first message.

She sent the vagina photo to 40 men she matched with in Los Angeles.

“I braced myself for, ‘Hey, why'd you send that?’ or ‘Whoa, where'd that come from?’,” she wrote after sending three images.

“Instead, I got three very lengthy... porn descriptions of what they'd like to do with that virtual vagina.”

When she asked them to send her “d*** pics”, all three did.

In general, many of the men asked to see more photos, majority sexted her back and several sent emojis in response. 

Only three men didn’t reply to the image she sent – and one critiqued the lighting of the photograph.

“Of the 37 guys who communicated with me about my v-pic, every one of them wanted to meet me, regardless of age or location,” she wrote.

“Most blew up my phone with descriptions of what they'd do to my body, specifically to the fake vagina I found on the Interwebs.

“I'd initially hoped the guys would see how invasive it is to receive such intimate photos from a stranger. … But given that men like to send d*** pics, I suppose their enthusiasm for v-pics makes sense."