Louise Redknapp on how she spends her Saturday watching her son play football and cooking

The singer and entrepreneur, 45, on watching her sons play sport, annoying her neighbours with loud music and cooking spag bol

Louise Redknapp attends London Fashion Week 
Louise Redknapp attends London Fashion Week  Credit: Getty


I don’t feel like my day has started until I’ve had a tea or coffee. I love a Nespresso. Breakfast is brown toast with tomatoes. If I’m tired, I have to stop myself dipping into the biscuit tin.


Beau, 11 [her youngest son with her ex-husband, former Liverpool player Jamie] has football on a Saturday, so I put on tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a Pangea hoodie. It takes three attempts to get him out of bed and we run out of the door with his breakfast wrapped in tinfoil.


Beau’s signed to Chelsea’s under-12s team and parents aren’t supposed to shout during their matches. Sometimes I do and get told 
I won’t be allowed to go if I do it again.


We head over to my eldest son’s school to watch his rugby match. Charley, 16, plays for Surrey and would quite like to do it on a professional level.


Lunch is a tuna-salad wrap Credit: Getty Images

Lunch is often a tuna-salad wrap for me and a sausage sandwich with grilled onions and loads of ketchup for the boys. When lockdown happened, I had a panic, but it was good for all of us to spend so much time together. In March I’d taken three weeks off from 9 to 5 : The Musical in the West End to do my music tour [she released an album in January], and I was supposed to go back until August. I don’t know whether it will finish its run, but I’m doing a one-off show at the Clapham Grand in early October.


I prance around in different outfits and my digital manager, Lewis, takes the pictures for my new lifestyle blog Lou Loves. The minute we start, my dogs, Rudi, Blu and Corky – two Shar Peis and a Jura-hound cross – surround me.

Louise and one of her dogs Credit: Instagram


I change into jeans, a sweater and heels to meet jewellery designer Roxanne First to work on our anklet collaboration. I like a Saint Laurent heel – the higher, the better.


I hate cooking. On Saturdays, it’s always spaghetti bolognaise. Charley’s mates come round to line their stomachs before they go out. If I have an alcoholic drink with my dinner, it will be a nice tequila, such as Don Julio.


You Are a Rainbow by Emma Lucy Knowles Credit: Ebury 

I’m not a great sleeper, so I read You Are a Rainbow by Emma Lucy Knowles, about auras and being positive. I never go to bed before midnight.

My go-to beauty product is…

Les Beiges, £48, Chanel Credit: Chanel.com

Chanel’s water-based foundation. I mix it with my moisturiser. It doesn’t look like I have make-up on, but evens out any blemishes. 

I couldn’t live without…

Small Transparent Speaker, £450 (transparentspeaker.com)  Credit: transparentspeaker.com 

A good sound system. I can’t listen to music unless it’s loud, which has annoyed my neighbours more  than once.

My guilty pleasure is...

Louise has been enjoying Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons Credit: Netflix

Watching Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons on Netflix. I really like documentaries where you see what goes on in parts of the world that we would never experience. 

Louise Redknapp’s lifestyle blog is loulovesbylouise.com