How well can you read other people's emotions? Take the test to find out

The eyes have it...
The eyes have it... Credit: David Cheskin/PA

Do you consider yourself to have high emotional intelligence?

Being emotional intelligent means that, among other qualities, you are able to recognise how people are feeling based on their behaviour.

Studies suggest that having high emotional intelligence correlates with better mental health, being a better worker with good leadership qualities.

One test for determining how good you are at recognising emotions is the 'Reading the Mind in the Eyes' test, developed by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. 

Test participants are asked to view a number of sets of eyes, and then pick one of four words that best describes what you think the person in the picture is thinking or feeling.

A full version of the test can be taken online here - but for a brief warm-up, see how you fare with this 10-question version: