Got leftover starter? Amateur bakers to make sourdough pancakes their next creation

Britons have also been urged to be more creative when it comes to toppings

BBC Good Food is tipping sourdough pancakes to be the trend of this year’s Shrove Tuesday 
BBC Good Food is tipping sourdough pancakes to be the trend of this year’s Shrove Tuesday 

Sourdough has become something of an obsession for Britain’s legions of amateur bakers - and this looks set to continue into pancake day.

BBC Good Food is tipping sourdough pancakes to be the trend of this year’s Shrove Tuesday after the site’s sourdough recipes saw a huge 1,037 per cent increase in popularity last year with specific pancake recipes surging even more.

Oli Martin, head chef at Hipping Hall and winner of Masterchef The Professionals, said pancakes were an excellent way to use up sourdough starter created in the first lockdown.

Pancake day is the busiest day of the year for users of BBC Good Food, with 2.3 million people going on the website last year.

Cassie Best, from the site, said: “With the increased popularity of sourdough baking in the last year, it’s no surprise that sourdough pancakes are this year’s big pancake trend.

“Adding some sourdough starter (a fermented mixture of flour and water which gives sourdough bread it’s lift) to your pancake batter gives them a tangy taste and aids digestion.”

Mr Martin said: “Everyone has had a little bit of extra time on their hands and sourdough needs that extra bit of love. It’s a fun thing to get the kids involved in.

“But I imagine people have got to a point where they have baked enough bread and want to be more adventurous and pancakes could be the next thing. That’s how we landed up making sourdough waffles and sourdough crumpets.”

And sourdough bakers should get a little more creative when it comes to toppings than the old favourites of lemon and sugar, according to Brad Carter, chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Carters of Moseley in Birmingham.

Mr Carter said when he serves sourdough pancakes at the restaurant it is as a cheese course, topped with a soft cheese like brie. He also recommended pairing them with seasonal British ingredients like caramelized apples.

He added: “When you make sourdough bread you will always overshoot the starter and end up with some spare. Pancakes are a really good way to use that up.”

Vanessa Kimbell, of the Sourdough School, said sourdough pancakes are not just for Shrove Tuesday but could be a healthy addition to a regular menu.

She said: “Pancakes don’t have to be that white flour, maple syrup-covered treat that might make you feel ill. If you are a regular baker then this will be a recipe that you will print out and stick to the fridge.”