Bleach sold in the UK as miracle coronavirus remedy, investigation finds

At least two sellers in London have sold potentially dangerous product combinations as a means of treating the virus, it has been claimed

Bleach is being sold as a 'miracle' coronavirus remedy, an investigation has found. 

At least two people in London ‘are accused of having’ sold potentially dangerous combinations of products as a means of treating the virus.

Ann Gylman and Leon Edwards both sold bottles of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to undercover researchers, according to the BBC.

They allegedly told them to combine the two products in a bleach-based solution, and to use them for three weeks to combat coronavirus.

They labelled the composite as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ (MMS), which has previously been sold online by Ms Gylman, and has been promoted by the ‘non-religious church’ organisation Genesis II in America as a remedial treatment.

Genesis II has also suggested daily ingestion of bleach could beat coronavirus, and its self-styled ‘archbishop’ Mark Grenon said that he wrote to President Donald Trump days before his comments on bleach.

President Trump said at a task force meeting on April 23 that injecting or drinking disinfectant could “knock out” the novel coronavirus, only to say a day later that he was being sarcastic.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has emphasised that there is currently no medicine specifically licensed for the treatment of Covid-19.

Julian Knight, the chairman of Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee, warned in July that misinformation being shared via social media led people to inject themselves with bleach.

Mr Knight said that fake news was causing “very great harm to society” amid far-reaching conspiracy theories earlier on in the pandemic which claimed bleach was able to ‘cure’ those who become infected.

Ms Gylman told the BBC that she only supplied “health related products”, which she said did not cause harm, to friends and acquaintances, while Mr Edwards refused to comment.