Noel Gallagher says he was left 'speechless' after Manchester rallied around Don't Look Back in Anger

Noel Gallagher performs in 2016
Noel Gallagher performs in 2016 Credit: EPA

Noel Gallagher has said that the way the city of Manchester co-opted the Oasis song Don't Look Back in Anger as a rallying cry in the wake of last month's terrorist attack left him lost for words.

Gallagher was speaking before a screening of the Oasis documentary Supersonic in Glastonbury's William's Green tent at Glastonbury Festival on Friday.

The former Oasis singer, who recently turned 50, said that when a minute's silence in Manchester following the attack was interrupted by a spontaneous rendition of the song, "for the first time in my life I was f------ speechless".

The song was used as a defiant hymn following the bomb at a concert by Ariana Grande which killed 22 people, including children and young music fans.

"The fact that people spontaneously rallied round that song is an incredible thing," Gallagher said.

Noel (left) and Liam Gallagher in 2008 Credit: PA

He added that he has no idea who the song's central character Sally is. "Who the f------ hell is Sally? I don't know anyone called Sally," he said.

Gallagher's brother Liam, with whom he has long been feuding, is playing at Glastonbury on Saturday, but Gallagher refused to comment on whether the pair might reunite at the event.

Previously, many fans expected the warring brothers to  appear together at the Manchester One Love benefit concert, organised by Grande to raise funds for the victims and held earlier this month.

 Liam Gallagher performs at the One Love Manchester tribute concert Credit: 130936977

Afterwards Liam, who performed at the event and sung with Coldplay's Chris Martin, criticised his brother for not attending.