How much of a Prince fan are you?

Which Prince album is this?
Which Prince album is this? Credit: PR

Prince's legions of fans remain stunned by the star's untimely death last week at the age of 57.

One minor bright spot among the unavoidably gloomy headlines has been the surge of interest in Prince's work, with every interested party under the sun detailing their favorite Prince songs, albums, videos and performances.

Prince's music is dominating the official album chart - holding every position in the Top 5. The all-Prince Top 5 includes The Very Best Of, followed by 2006's Ultimate, his Grammy Award-winning movie soundtrack Purple Rain, The Hits/The B-Sides, and Sign O' The Times.

Purely as a bit of fun, here's a quiz to test your knowledge of Prince's studio albums. 

From these ten albums covers, how many can you correctly identify? Share your results on Facebook or Twitter and let the world know how you got on.