Resourceful dad helps find his son's misplaced Glastonbury ticket in a Tesco service station bin

Dan Saunders, who accidentally tossed his Glastonbury ticket in a Tesco Metro bin
Dan Saunders, who accidentally tossed his Glastonbury ticket in a Tesco Metro bin Credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd

If you happened to be rooting around a garbage bin in Manchester on Wednesday, you may have accidentally stumbled upon a ticket to Glastonbury. Instead, it was rescued from impending destruction in a refuse truck by a resourceful dad, who returned it to his son and enabled him to attend the festival.

19-year-old Dan Saunders was headed with friends to Glastonbury on Wednesday, only to discover that somewhere on the journey he had lost his ticket. Turned away at the gates to the festival as he did not have his physical ticket, Saunders's father Andrew meticulously retraced his son's footsteps to try and find it.

Andrew Saunders with his forgetful son Dan Credit: Mercury Press

"I spoke to him and we were trying to retrace his steps to work out where the ticket could be, and he remembered that he had stopped at the Tesco petrol station at Middlebrook on the way down," he told Bolton News. "So at about 10pm that night I was knocking on the door asking if they could open up and let me go through their bins.

"The staff at the station very kindly gave me some gloves and let me have a look through the bins and, sure enough, there was the ticket."

Dan then drove back from Glastonbury to pick the ticket up from his family home, before driving back to the festival hours later and finally being let in.

"It was pretty incredible that my dad managed to find it. I honestly thought I'd have to go home and miss out. I was gutted when I realised at the gates I couldn't find my ticket. I didn't know what to do with myself."

Festival goers watch Craig David on Day 2 of this year's festival Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Andrew Saunders has also said that he found the reunion between son and ticket quite moving.

"It was quite emotional actually," he said. "When you think of your child driving down all that way and he'd spent his own money and he might not have been able to go."

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