Radiohead finally play the hits - and 9 other highlights from Glastonbury on Friday

Radiohead played their hits on the Pyramid stage last night
Radiohead played their hits on the Pyramid stage last night Credit: Ki Price/Getty Images

1. Out of the Black by Royal Blood

Brighton duo Royal Blood made more noise on the Pyramid stage than seemed possible for two people. They left the stage ringing to the feedback of Mike Kerr's bass guitar after the longest, wildest, most thunderous and celebratory version of Out of the Black you could ever hope to hear. They will be back as future headliners after that. NM


2. You Got the Love by Happy Mondays 

Happy Mondays  singer  Rowetta  took to the Pyramid stage dressed like a bee to deliver a hurting, hopeful version of You Got the Love with Hacienda Classical. With Peter Hook on bass and Bez doing his patented acid casualty dance, it felt like the best possible Glastonbury tribute to Manchester. NM


3. First Aid Kit cover Kenny Rogers

First Aid Kit's set of lush close harmony country-folk on the Pyramid Stage became an impromptu hoedown when they covered  Kenny Rogers 's The Gambler. Even those unfamiliar with the "You gotta know when to hold 'em" chorus we're singing along by the end of it. Texas came to Somerset. Via a pair of Swedish sisters. JH

Charlie XCX attempted to make her mark on the Other Stage with pink confetti Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty

4. Charli XCX's pink spaghetti factory

Fierce and feisty pop star  Charli XCX  made a bold attempt to brand the Other Stage, firing pink streamers that caught in the horns of a sculpted monster overhead. It was like an explosion in a pink spaghetti factory. But the stage manager had other ideas, sending a crack team of roadies up the rigging to clean it all out with the daring of Cirque du Soleil acrobats. Telegraph critic James Hall watched the whole thing and described it as “mesmerising, the performance of the day". NM


5. Radiohead finally play the hits

Radiohead  sang No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, Karma Police and Creep. And the crowd of proud creeps and weirdos up the hillside sang with them. Spine-tingling moments like this are what Glastonbury was made for. NM


6. I'll Stand by You by The Pretenders

The Pretenders were great, but the apex of their Other Stage set, I thought, was a stirring rendition of I'll Stand By You. It's appeared on countless reality programmes, Chrissie Hynde said. "I don't watch them." As her vocals soared, the lyrics "If you're mad, get mad," felt like a clarion call in these tumultuous times. PS


7. Bo Ningen's compulsive wig-out

During Bo Ningen's frenetic midday set at the Park Stage, I couldn't help but wonder about the state of the plugholes in their tour bus. All four members of the London-based Japanese band have waist-length hair, cut into elaborate shapes, which makes for balletic head-banging. Such thoughts didn't, however, linger for long: their thudding noise rock was bewitching, and frontman Taigen Kawabe's frenzied gurning - when he wasn't making spectral calls into the microphone - was up there with Este Haim's revered Bass Face. The best bit? The fevered interpretative dance undertaken by three-quarters of the band during their set's climax, which saw guitars swung, sticks thrown and Kawabe deliriously leap off the stage. AV


8.  Kate Tempest 's reaction as she spotted a flag with her lyrics on it

"Wake up love more" could be instructions for how to make the best of Glastonbury, but these four words are also the ominous command that rings out at the end of  Kate Tempest 's astonishing second album, Let Them Eat Chaos. As the Lewisham-raised poet-novelist-rapper stood, taking in the sprawling, rapt crowd at West Holts Stage, she clocked the flag someone had made in her honour, and let out the lightest gasp, fist raising to her heart. It made the fury of her subsequent set even more arresting. AV

Flaming Lips took the Park Stage last night Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty

9. Gooey by  Glass Animals

Glass Animals  are not a band to deliver a minimalist performance. The Oxonian four-piece entertained the mid-afternoon crowd at the Other Stage with thick grooves and gold pineapples. But it was Gooey, their 2014 single, that epitomised their huge potential at this festival. Frontman Dave Bailey has a bizarre ability to let out pop's smoothest vocals while pogoing frenetically, leading a dance party in the audience, while red flare light, that staple of any good Glastonbury set, painted the air pink. AV


10. Do U Realize?? by The Flaming Lips 

When all the other main stages had shut, there was something magical about stumbling over the very end of  The Flaming Lips ' headline set up at The Park. Life-affirming psychedelic rock doesn't come any better than She Don't Use Jelly and Do U Realize??, played after midnight under a giant inflatable rainbow. Wayne Coyne told the crowd he wished he could be cryogenically frozen for 1,000 years so he could come and play Glastonbury in 2117. Amen to that. JH