Liam Payne's Facebook hacked and filled with pornographic images

Liam Payne in November
Liam Payne in November Credit:  James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

Former One Direction member Liam Payne has been targeted by hackers. The singer's Facebook page, which has more than 10.4 million likes, was filled up with images of a sexual nature earlier this week.

The posts appeared on Sunday evening, and were swiftly deleted. But it didn't stop some of Payne's fans from being exposed to shared links such as "Things That Can Happen to You When You Don't Have Sex" and "10 Best Positions You Didn't Know". 

On Twitter, those fans who had spotted the apparent hack mostly found it amusing, with some joking that Payne may have been drunk. Others were concerned that people would genuinely think it was Payne who was sharing the contentious links.

The singer recently made headlines after appearing in public with his seemingly pregnant girlfriend, Cheryl Cole. Cole suffered from a similar hack on her Facebook page several weeks ago: her social media profile was filled with Satanic imagery. 

Payne's representatives are yet to comment on the hack.

Cheryl and Liam in an Instagram photo

However, there is happier news to be found in the couple's social media existence: Payne made the significant step of following Cole on Instagram over the weekend. She is the only person he follows (while 12 million people follow him), showing Payne is aping Kanye West's social media strategy: he only follows the updates of his wife, Kim Kardashian.