Changing rooms: inside the colourful home of interiors blogger Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall's pink-walled living room is constantly being revamped 
Bianca Hall's pink-walled living room is constantly being revamped  Credit: Ingrid Rasmussen

You’d expect an interiors blogger to have a yen for novelty, and it’s certainly true  of Bianca Hall, founder of French for Pineapple. She describes her website as ‘an outlet for my DIY adventures and interiors obsessions’. Followers can track the constant evolution of her home, a five-bedroom Victorian semi in Stoke Newington, north London, which she shares with her TV producer husband Ed, 12-year-old daughter Edie and six-year-old son Baxter.

Bianca Hall Credit: Ingrid Rasmussen

Bianca started blogging in 2014 after leaving her career in TV production wanting to do something creative and spend more time with her children. She now runs it alongside her own-brand online store selling colourful cushions and art prints. In the 10 years she has lived here, countless paint colours and bits of furniture have come and gone. Luckily, Ed is happy to roll with the changes, leaving her free to indulge her passions for colour, pattern and quirky accessories.

What was the house like when you moved in? It was a blank canvas with no colour and no storage. We made some minor changes immediately, such as changing the tattered stair carpet to my beloved lavender  one and having bespoke storage built – wardrobes in our bedroom, bookshelves and cupboards in the dining room and alcove storage in the living room. We also had the loft converted, adding two bedrooms and bathroom. 

The master bedroom features a gallery of kitsch nudes Credit: Ingrid Rasmussen 

What did you learn from renovating the house? I used to think you could never have enough storage but now I realise that rather than carrying on adding more, you just need to keep on top of your belongings and have regular clear-outs.

How would you describe your decorating style? I’d call it ‘urban glam’. I love a mix of styles and eras,  and I like to have fun with my home. I love a good trend, but I do tire easily – I’m very bored of dark grey rooms!

The teal TV room features cushions from House of Hackney and a gold ‘tumbler’ side table is from West Elm Credit: Ingrid Rasmussen

What’s your take on using colour? Go with your gut feeling and remember that paint is not a lifetime investment, especially if you do it yourself. It’s actually a cheap way to completely transform a room. With dark shades, though, I think you need to be mindful of how they can affect your mood.

You’re constantly sharing pictures of your home online – does that mean you’re always redecorating? It’s not unusual for me to change the colour of a room two or even three times a year. I’m always mentally planning what I’ll change next, even while I’m in the thick of decorating another room. I tend not to change everything – that would be mad – but I do swap things around, and occasionally I’ll take everything off the sideboard or shelves and restyle them to accommodate new things. If I leave a room alone for several months, it’s either because I’m really happy with it, or really unhappy with it and plotting my next move.

The dining room  Credit: Ingrid Rasmussen 

Does the blog affect the things you buy? I only buy things I love, and am therefore happy to show. But I do sometimes consider purchases for imagery potential – like the beautiful linen pillowcases I bought on holiday, which have not yet made an appearance because I bought them specifically to go with the next bedroom colour. I realise that makes me sound crazy. 

What’s the day-to-day routine of an interiors blogger? Practically speaking, behind every pretty picture there’s always a pile of ugly junk! I try to contain the chaos of paint cans and tools in one area, so the entire house isn’t affected. I work from home a lot, and that can mean anything from writing to styling and photographing products for a client, or even doing bits of carpentry.

Bold wall times and a sofa upholstered in Florence Broadhurst fabric in the kitchen 

Where do you find inspiration?  I spend way too much time on Instagram and Pinterest, but I look for non-screen inspiration too – visiting interiors shops or checking out the interiors of cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Do you have a favourite space in the house? The living room. It’s a calm, uncluttered space that I have no plans to change at the moment. Well, nothing major at least!

What are you planning for the house next? I’ve started a big makeover of our bedroom – I’m making a wall-to-wall headboard from some amazing printed Irish linen. Oh, and the main bathroom needs ripping out...  

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