Seven ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover

Dining room set for supper
Dine in style: small updates can make a big impact

From clever lighting solutions to bold and beautiful crockery, discover seven ideas that will give your kitchen a makeover with an on-trend twist

Kitchens are a big investment, but it’s a mistake to think that once they’re installed, they can’t be changed. Even larger projects like new worktops or retiling are fairly straightforward, but a host of smaller updates can collectively make a big difference too.

We’re spending more time in the kitchen, whether because of the rise of open-plan living, the desire to entertain at home or an interest in developing our cooking skills. That means we want these spaces to complement the rest of our decor and have as much personality – homely, but still practical. These ideas will bring a kitchen up to date without the need for a renovation.

1 Put it on show

Homeowners are ditching runs of head-height cupboards in favour of open shelving that displays their favourite wares. This not only brings a more airy, open look to the modern kitchen, it gives an opportunity to make a feature of eye-catching pieces. Create a “shelfie-worthy” vignette with Fox & Ivy’s Isla dining set, which includes a mug (£5), teapot (£12), tea-for-one set (£12) and three-tier cake stand (£15)

2 Conceal appliances

The modern kitchen hides away unnecessary clutter to create a more streamlined worktop space. “Breakfast cupboards” concealed behind fold-back doors (with, say, a coffee machine and storage for bread, cereals etc) are the latest trend, but there are some easier updates you could make, such as ditching the kettle for a boiling-water tap.

Kitchen hideaway: conceal unnecessary clutter in cupboards Credit: Getty

3 Embrace the hand-made

Modern kitchens can feel clinical because of the need for easy-to-clean, practical surfaces. Balance the functional side with something with a more crafted feel: hand-made tiles, perhaps, or stoneware tableware, such as Fox & Ivy’s Arno 12-piece set (£45).

4 Update lighting

LED lighting has transformed the design possibilities in today’s kitchens: introduce recessed strips above worktops to make food prep easier, or use it in a more decorative way, such as concealed at the back of open shelving to illuminate favourite accessories.

Shine bright: clever lighting can transform any space Credit: Getty

5 Switch knobs and handles

Ironmongery can get tired, so a new set of knobs or handles can work wonders to update a kitchen. Something with a semi-industrial look, such as cup handles or black metal hardware, will bring cabinetry bang up to date, while leather pulls will give a softer, modern-rustic look.

Go for gold: update cabinets with brushed gold or bronze handles to create an on-trend industrial feel Credit: Getty

6 Find a new colour scheme

A different shade of paint for the walls is a speedy update: use a formulation suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, to withstand a steamy atmosphere. The latest kitchen colour trends are deep, dark shades such as forest green and indigo – and if you don’t fancy opening a tin of paint, introduce some accessories in these shades, such as Fox & Ivy’s Arno-Paio serving jug (£15) and mug (£5), in a shimmering dark-teal reactive glaze.

7 Replace the flooring

If you’d like a bolder, brighter kitchen but don’t want to touch the cabinetry, the answer could lie at your feet. There’s a huge range of gorgeous patterned flooring at every price point, from chic cement tiles to luxury vinyl. Even quicker? Buy a patterned indoor-outdoor rug: they’re waterproof, easy to clean and make an instant impact.

Bold and beautiful: a patterned rug can is an instant interior update Credit: Getty
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