The 10 best food and drink trends to explore right now

outdoor table with food and drinks
Al fresco: which of these 10 top food trends will you try first? Credit: Getty

From small beer and fine champagne to beautiful kitchen essentials and sustainable homeware, these are some of the most exciting food and drink trends available

1 Introducing alcoholic sparkling water

Hard seltzers and alcoholic sparkling waters are a burgeoning new trend taking the world by storm. Light and refreshing, these drinks are also packed with flavour. NATRL is a premium alcoholic sparkling water made in the UK with 100-per-cent natural ingredients. The two fruity flavours, Lemon & Lime and Peach & Raspberry, are created by blending filtered alcohol from British sugar beet with sparkling water and natural flavourings from real fruit. At 75 calories and 4% alcohol, NATRL is also vegan and gluten-free, with absolutely no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavouring. Order now for 20 per cent off and free next-day delivery with code TRY20. Visit

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NATRL: sparkling water for the grown ups

2 Enjoy authentic Chinese flavours at home

Home cooking has grown in popularity over the past few months, with many of us aiming to replicate dishes from our favourite restaurants. Go on a taste adventure by recreating delicious and authentic Chinese flavours at home with Lee Kum Kee’s range of Chinese sauces. The brand, which is famous for inventing oyster sauce, has been around for more than 130 years. So, whether it’s a splash of Premium Oyster Sauce in a stir-fry, barbecued ribs marinated in Char Siu Sauce, a burger topped with Chiu Chow Chilli Oil or Sweet Hoisin Sauce enjoyed as a dip with finger food, the Lee Kum Kee range will bring true Chinese flavours to any meal. Visit

Lee Kum Kee: authentic Chinese flavours without leaving the house

3 Discover the benefits of small beer

Beer is surely among humanity’s greatest inventions — though it isn’t without its own bleary-eyed consequences. That said, being able to enjoy the conviviality and flavour of quality beer without a looming hangover can be as simple as reaching for lower-ABV brews. Small beer, which features in the works of Shakespeare and Dickens, used to be consumed as a safe alternative when the quality of drinking water was questionable. This historic style was reignited in 2017 by Small Beer co-founders James Grundy and Felix James in the company’s south east London brewery. True to the traditional strength of their namesake, the pair exclusively brew classic beer styles below 2.8%, using cutting-edge innovation which saw them awarded London’s first BCorp Certified Brewery in 2019.

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Small Beer: good things really do come in small packages

4 Iced coffee delivered straight to your home

That first morning coffee can feel like salvation, giving you a caffeine boost to start the day. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee makes your morning routine quicker and easier, with Rainforest Alliance Certified arabica coffee served in 100-per-cent recyclable packaging. These ready-to-drink iced coffees will fuel road trips and bike rides and are a convenient work-from-home companion. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is offering readers a free trial pack with its subscriptions: sign up to receive a 12-pack of iced coffee to your door (adding two or more cases to receive 15 per cent off) and choose your accompanying free pack at For even more chilled coffee inspiration, follow @jimmysicedcoffee on Instagram.

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Jimmy's Iced Coffee: start the day right

5 Kitchen kettles made beautiful

Kitchen essentials don’t need to be purely practical – they can also be objects of beauty. Newey and Bloomer offers handmade stove-top kettles made from the highest grade of copper and to the same exacting standards as when the company was founded in 1903. They come in a number of beguiling shapes and styles: the 1950s Beehive is robust and elegant, with a whistle on the spout, while the traditional Buckingham model is a showstopper with its gorgeous quick-boil base, melodic whistling lid, and a patented birdsmouth spout for the perfect pour. Enjoy an exclusive saving of 20 per cent when you use discount code FD20 at

Offer valid from 7 September 2020 until 30 September 2020

Newey Bloomer: the kettles where style meets utility

6 Stylish sustainable homeware that helps beat poverty

As we become a society of more socially conscious consumers, it’s important to know the sustainability credentials of our favourite brands. With a mission to raise 250,000 women and their families out of poverty, SO JUST SHOP is an online shopping hub that works with women-led artisans in vulnerable communities across the world to design and manufacture beautiful, socially conscious, ethical homeware and accessories. Provenance plays a huge role in all the company’s products, with items being sustainable and fully traceable. The stylish, dishwasher- and microwave-safe ceramics featured are handcrafted and hand-painted by a Fairtrade organisation based in Palestine, with a range consisting of a serving platter, salad bowl and side plates. Visit

SO JUST SHOP: where provenance is as important as product

7 Cocktails to grab on the go

Cocktails are delicious but can be hard to enjoy on the go with any assurance of quality. Enter Miami Cocktail Organic Spritz, a new canned cocktail eschewing the artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners commonly found in other ready-to-drink beverages. What sets Miami Cocktail Company apart is its commitment to crafting actual cocktails, not merely shallow flavours. These come in five refreshing offerings: Mimosa, Bellini, Sangria, Margarita and Paloma. The Organic Spritz range is 4% ABV and contains just 110 calories per can, with no added sugar. It’s also gluten free, vegan friendly, and organic certified. And available in more than 170 Waitrose locations. Visit

Miami Cocktail Company: delicious cocktails on-the-go

8 Treat yourself to a bottle of fine champagne

Few things feel as truly luxurious on the tongue as savouring a glass of delicious first-class bubbly. Maison Lanson is a legendary champagne house that was founded in 1760. The brand’s chef de cave, Hervé Dantan, is guided by principles of prolonged ageing, a precise choice of grapes and a traditional vinification method with minimal malolactic fermentation — all of which contribute to the character and vitality of their wines. The Lanson style is also the result of a venerable history, exemplified by its reserve wines and collection of rare vintages that start from 1904. Follow the journey from vine to flute at or take a trip to the new visitor centre in person at

Maison Lanson: a treat that's well and truly worth it

9 A restaurant experience delivered to your door

Why go out to eat when you can enjoy restaurant-quality food in your own home? Husband-and-wife team James and Rebecca French launched Nonna Tonda after they had to close their pasta restaurant in London. Rather than give up on the business, they decided to keep producing top-drawer pasta and sauces and launch a weekly delivery service instead. Each week, Nonna Tonda features an exciting new dish for you to cook at home in under five minutes, delivered to your door in a handy box. James is up at 4am every day, making the pasta so it arrives at your home that same day. By working with a limited menu each week, there’s no wastage and a focus on using only the best ingredients. Order now and receive 50 per cent off your first two deliveries at

Offer valid until 31 October 2020.

Nonna Tonda: pasta pronto straight to your door

10 Delicious spritz cocktails made easy

Spritz cocktails are the perfect tipple for a sunny day and are great accompaniments to an al fresco meal. Refreshing and easy to prepare, these typically low-ABV drinks are a mix of liqueur, sparkling wine and soda water. Luxardo has been producing premium Italian liqueurs for almost 200 years — try a splash of its Luxardo Aperitivo or Limoncello in a spritz cocktail for a taste of glamorous Italian aperitivo culture. Simply combine 50ml Luxardo Aperitivo or Limoncello with 75ml dry prosecco and top up with soda water. Both are available to purchase at Ocado.

Spritz cocktails: bring the bar home