Would you pay $100 for this 'haute' hot dog?

Hot dog
Does this hot dog cut the mustard? Credit: Maille

Expensive versions of fast food often pique the imagination - how could you make a famously cheap food such as a hot dog into a gourmet delight?

Mustard company Maille are serving a 'haute' dog in Australia, which costs $100(£51).

It doesn't have fried onions, or cheese, or even tomato ketchup, which you'd think they would include in the price.

The hot dog contains grass-fed Australian beef, is topped with truffle mustard and served with a glass of French white wine.

Credit: Maille

You also get a miniature pot of the mustard with every hot dog purchased.

"It is a very tasty, very sought after mustard," Joe Barrs, Maille's ambassador told Mashable Australia.

"We had a tub of it air freighted to us about a month ago ... and we've sold out".

The black truffles come from France and can only be picked five months of the year between October and March.

Vinegar and horseradish provide the hot mustard kick in the condiment.

These hot dogs are being served at Melbourne's annual Good Food and Wine Show. 

For those looking for a cheaper gourmet delicacy, the hot dog vans are also serving $25 and $10 hot dogs, without the black truffle mustard.

This news comes after Bird's Eye created the world's most expensive fish finger sandwich for the Queen, which cost £187 to make.

The frozen food brand’s pricey sandwich includes delicacies such as sweet caviar, creamy saffron mayonnaise and edible gold leaf-encrusted fish fingers.

The ingredients  Credit:  Joe Pepler/REX/Shutterstock

Other ingredients to complete the fish treat include artisan bread, blanched asparagus spears and a posy of edible violets.

It’s the brainchild of ex-Savoy Hotel Head Chef, Peter Lack, who spared no expense in creating a lunch treat in honour of Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

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