Tesco is selling duck éclairs with hoisin drizzle

Duck eclairs with hoisin drizzle
Duck eclairs with hoisin drizzle anyone? Credit: Tesco

If you thought the cherry and chocolate Christmas sandwich was as weird as Tesco was going to get this year, you were wrong.

This Christmas the supermarket has decided to "take sweet and savoury food fusion to the next level" by putting an "exciting and innovative" twist on the chocolate éclair we all know and love. 

Introducing: Tesco Finest's Duck Éclairs with Hoisin Drizzle.

The party treat is described as "succulent shredded duck, infused with the aromatic flavours of five spice and star anise, in crisp shelled pastry éclairs".

Would you try it? Credit: Duck

To add a sweet and rich flavour, the éclairs are then topped with hoisin drizzle, instead of the traditional chocolate. 

Product development manager at Tesco, Fiona Carter said: "We wanted to create an innovative party snack for our customers this Christmas - something what would be both delicious and the talking point of Christmas get-togethers and parties. 

"Our duck éclair will hopefully do just that."

Don't hold out for the duck éclair to take over mince pies as the top Christmas treat, however. On Twitter, people remain unconvinced.