Life hack: how to seal your crisps without a clip

The no fuss way to seal a bag of crisps
The no fuss way to seal a bag of crisps Credit: imgur

There's nothing worse than getting halfway through a bag of crisps, realising you can't eat anymore and not having a clip so you can save the rest for later. 

This means we usually have to decide between scoffing the rest of the pack or  embracing the reality that is stale crisps in the morning.

Now, with this origami type bag fold, you no longer have to do either. 

Imgur user SlimJones123 posted a short video illustrating how to pull off the trick.

The hack is extremely simple and involves rolling down the top of the packet a few times, folding in the corners, and then fold the rolled area back in the opposite direction so it folds over the top of packet.

Or, if you're imgur user Clerkenwell "just fold the top in half a sit it upside down. Eat the stale chips later like the disaster I am."

Whatever works for you.