Jelly Belly launches new flavours: 'Dead Fish' and 'Spoiled Milk'

Jelly Belly gift box

Jelly Belly, the well-known sweet brand, has announced the addition of two new flavours to its roster:  Dead Fish and Spoiled Milk.

The repulsive-sounding jelly beans will form part of the company's forthcoming BeanBoozled line, which also includes 'Barf', 'Rotten Egg' and 'Canned Dog Food' flavours.

Originally launched in 2007, BeanBoozled packs are designed to enable customers to play a sort of jelly bean-themed Russian Roulette. Each pack feature a number of 'flavour pairings' - identical-looking beans that may be either a traditional, pleasant flavour such as Peach or Buttered Popcorn - or something fair more unpleasant.

"Barf is the most universally despised flavor," says Rob Swaigen, marketing VP  at Jelly Belly, "which is the highest goal for us." 

"We have some simple criteria," he says. "The flavor has to be nasty—has to have a gag factor. Everyone can bring to mind checking an expired milk carton or even pouring a glass of spoiled milk. And the smell of rotting fish is so powerful you almost know what it tastes like."

A (perhaps surprisingly) large number of people have willingly taken the 'Beanboozled challenge' - and lots of them have videoed themselves doing it. A YouTube search for 'Bean Boozled challenge' return close to a million results.


Jelly Belly R&D Manager Ambrose Lee revealed that the spoiled milk flavour took six months to perfect: "We start by studying the aroma of the flavor," he says. "We put spoiled milk in a warm closet and let it sit."

"At one point, it was so powerful tears were coming out of our eyes. The right amount shouldn't make anyone cry, but it should leave a lasting impression."