Jane Asher, Queen of Cakes, has closed her cake business

Jane Asher
After 25 years of business, the Queen of Cake has closed up shop Credit: Jeff Gilbert

Celebrated baker Jane Asher has decided to close her cake-making business after 25 years.

Despite the renewed interest in baking, thanks to The Great British Bake Off, Asher, who earned the title 'Queen of Cakes' thanks to her Chelsea store, has decided to close up shop.

Baking will always, I'm sure, be a big part of my life
Jane Asher

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "I knew I couldn't keep it going for ever. It is a bit sad, but it's 25 years and it seemed a good time do it.

Jane at her Chelsea store in 1980 Credit: Rex

"I've been finding it increasingly difficult to keep as much of an eye on it and take as much part in it as I like to do because of going back into acting."

Asher began baking as a hobby and over the course of her career became known for her specialist cakes and kitchenware: "If you’d said to me 40 years ago 'You’ll be writing books about baking and running a shop', I just wouldn’t have believed it."

She also attracted the attention of high-profile celebrities such as Cilla Black and The Prince of Wales and once made  a fruitcake shaped like the Albert Memorial in honour of its restoration.

Jane in 1995 Credit: Rex

Three years later, the Queen cut into it for the re-opening ceremony: "As you can imagine, that was a rather hair-raising moment. Even though a good fruitcake does keep for years." 

While she will no longer be running her cake-making business, Asher will continue on with her bakeware range for Poundland: "That will keep of going, of course, and baking will always, I'm sure, be a big part of my life."