Food fans queue up for hours outside pop-up burger joint 

In-N-Out burger pop-up takes Sydney by storm 
An 'In-N-Out' burger pop-up opened in Sydney  Credit: In-N-Out/Facebook 

Foodies queued around the block of a Sydney bar to get their hands on some lunch served up by cult burger chain In-N-Out.

The packed queue outside a Sydney bar resembled the launch of a new Apple product as food fans waited for the burger pop-up to open.



Some foodies even began queuing at 4am to taste a burger created by the famous American burger chain In-N-Out, it was reported. 

The California-based fast-food restaurant, founded in 1948, opened in the New South Wales capital for less than 24 hours.


@innout double double animal style in Sydney! Life Complete!! #fbas #innout #surryhills #🍔 #burgerlyfe

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Staff were forced to turn away customers queuing for the mouth-watering double-double burger even before the pop-up officially opened and had to cut off the line at 11am, Mashable reports. 

Wristbands were even handed out to those queuing, but many others were left disappointed at missing out on one of the 300 burgers created.

“We drove for two hours. We just had the day off ... we’ve had them in America before and they’re delicious,” one customer told Daily Mail Australia.



Another person queuing told the site: “I got here 20 minutes to 11am. We heard people were waiting from 4am.”

“I probably would have cried if I had missed out, probably would have run to the car and cried.”

Last year, Oxford scientist Charles Michel claimed to have cracked the secret of the ideal burger.

A burger by Patty and Bun  Credit: Patty and Bun 


He says the best burgers are 7cm tall, 5cm wide and boast nine layers, and that that 30 per cent of a burger's appeal lies in its smell; 25 per cent in its feel; and 15 per cent in each of how it looks and the sound made when eating it.

“Science has shown that deliciousness is a perception created by our brains with stimulation coming from all the senses and not only a sensation happening in our mouth,” he explained.

“We actually 'taste' food with all of our senses and it is scientifically inaccurate to think just about the taste of food in the mouth when discussing deliciousness.” 


He added: “A growing body of research is also showing just how much we 'eat with our ears' and sound is often the forgotten flavour sense. Imagine how disappointing a burger would be without hearing the crunch of the crispy bacon, lettuce or gherkin.

“Focusing on the sizzle of the meat, the sound made by food in your mouth as well as listening to your favourite song whilst eating a burger can really make it more enjoyable.”

Recipe for the 'perfect burger'

  1. Warmed seeded burger bread sprayed with sesame seed oil
  2. Chipotle sauce
  3. Crunchy lettuce and sliced gherkin
  4. Juicy, vine ripened tomato
  5. Crunchy slices of serrano ham and deep fried onion
  6. Slices of melted, Camembert cheese
  7. Patty of Wagyu beef seasoned with BBQ sauce, salt, pepper and finely chopped onion
  8. Ketchup sauce
  9. Lower bread splashed with soy sauce

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