Anyone for beer dressing? Couple try 1950s recipes and they're as weird as you'd guess

The recipe book
The recipe book Katherine Green inherited from her grandmother Credit: VlogBrothers/YouTube

If you were gifted a recipe book from your grandmother full of original recipes from newspapers and magazines from the 1940s and 1950s, what would you do?

While most of us would likely be turned off by the copious amounts of gelatin our ancestors appeared to be fond of, Katherine Green and her husband Hank (one half of the YouTube channel VlogBrothers) decided to rise to the challenge and try actually reproducing some of the recipes in the book.

While some of the recipes were relatively normal (cucumber salad, old time beef stew, and Swedish meatballs), some are just downright weird. 

Recipe 1: Golden Rabbit

Despite the name, this dish does not actually contain any rabbit. 

Would you try it? Credit: VlogBrothers/YouTube

According to the recipe book you make it with two tins of Campbells soup: "Stir well 1 can Campbell's Cheddar Soup. Gradually blend in 1 can Campbell's Tomato Soup; add 1/4 cup milk. Heat, stirring. Pour over crackers or toast."

Essentially it's just crackers or toast swimming in cheesy soup and it tastes about as good as you'd expect: "Bland and not a lot of flavour. This is not on the list of things that I want to eat again."

Recipe 2: Popovers

These are light and hollow rolls made from an egg batter that is similar to the one used to make Yorkshire puddings.

Popovers anyone? Credit: VlogBrothers/YouTube

The best thing about this recipe is the method: "Just break them [the eggs] over the bowl and drop them in so they're staring at you with their big yellow eyes" and "you will have six splendid popovers, so golden brown and exuberantly puffed up that it's almost embarrassing.".

Despite burning them slightly, the Popovers went down well with Katherine and Hank: "It tastes like bread - like a Northern biscuit. I'd like to try them again." 

Recipe 3: Beer Dressing

You have to wonder what the circumstances might have been that caused someone to create the culinary wonder that is 'Beer Dressing'.

Why...just why? Credit: VlogBrothers/YouTube

This recipe is extremely simple, if not a little worrying. Simply "mix mayonnaise and mustard together. Add horseradish and gradually stir in beer." Mmmm.

Unsurprisingly, Beer Dressing didn't find a fan in either Katherine or Hank: "I's not good."

Recipe 4: Mexican Chop Suey

What do you get when you, unwisely, try to mix cuisines from two different countries? This monstrosity.

It didn't go down well... Credit: VlogBrothers/YouTube

The hybrid dish contains "pound ground beef fried in butter, tomatoes, sweet pepper, chopped onions, celery, milk and flour" and the resulting meal is something that, according to Katherine, "smells like dog food.".

Watch the full video here and brace yourself for the wonder that is the "Orange Cranberry Relish Mould".