The best dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs for 2019

dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs
Free-from options for the Easter table Credit: Beth Evans

When you are looking for Easter treats that are made with out milk, there are plenty of options now available. Many dark-chocolate eggs are naturally dairy free, but more and more products are being marketed as such. With vegan ‘milks’ 
and nut substitutes in the mix, which aim to recreate the same taste and texture as milk chocolate, the successful ones stand out a mile.

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Chococo Madagascar Vegan Milc Easter egg

£18.50 for 175g

New this year, the 40 per cent chocolate is made from cocoa beans blended with cashews (hence the ‘c’ in its name) to replace dairy creaminess. It results in a gentle flavour, reminiscent of wafer biscuits.

Buttermilk Free From Chocolate Orange Easter egg

£6 for 185g, Sainsbury’s

The consistency of the shell is rather uneven but it benefits from a dense, thick middle. It’s surprisingly creamy and rich, if a little sweet, with an orange flavour from natural oils that’s a lot like Terry’s.

Co-op Free From Easter egg

for 120g

Milk-free and very light to handle, this tastes simple and sugary – a good option for children that will keep well for nibbling.

Moser Roth Milk, Wheat and Gluten-Free Organic Dark Chocolate egg

 £4.99 for 200g, Aldi

A glossy and thin shell of 65 per cent dark chocolate that is best for adult palates, delivering bitter notes and a pliable texture.

Moo Free Sea Salt & Caramel Organic Easter egg

£7 for 160g

Powdered rice milk replaces dairy in this glossy egg, which has turned out incredibly sweet. A little goes a long way – for children that sugariness might be just right.


Tesco Finest 
Free From Belgian 
Dark Chocolate Easter egg

£6.50 for 200g

Delivering a superior sharp crack and an intense dark flavour, full and powerful, this is some serious chocolate. Its simple design belies a grown-up flavour that’s far from one-dimensional – there’s a fruitiness, earthiness and even coffee notes in there.