A food fad too far? Rainbow cheese toasties have arrived in London

rainbow cheese
Would you eat this? Credit: Grill My Cheese

Hong Kong's weird rainbow cheese food fad split opinion across the internet - some thought it looked delicious and perfect for Instagram, and others shuddered at the garish colour.

However, a London cheese toastie restaurant has caught on to the trend, and is hoping to capitalise on it.

Grill My Cheese is now doing rainbow cheese toasties, so you don't have to travel to Hong Kong to sample one.

They tested them on Tuesday lunchtime to gauge how popular they are.

The sandwiches contained beetroot, rocket, roasted onion, goats cheese, and truffle oil.

People seem to have enjoyed their food fad lunch:

The Leather Lane street food stall also does another food fad classic - the macaroni cheese toastie, which probably isn't the best thing to eat if you are on a diet.

Next level mac 'n' 🧀 toastie @grill_my_cheese 📷: @3kindsofice #InfatuationLondon #EEEEEATS

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The idea for rainbow cheese toasties came from KALA Toast in Hong Kong.

According to @hkfoodiexblogger, the sandwich contains four types of cheese and costs $42HKD (£3.60).

The rainbow part of the cheese is flavoured, too.

Lavender, basil and tomato flavours make up the different colours melted into four different kinds of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere.

Credit: Instagram/HKfoodieblogger

The blogger reviewed the snack. They wrote: "The toast was crispy but I reckon both the flavour of the lavender and tomato were subtle.

"The basil flavour was the most outstanding one comparatively but the cheese flavour still was not as strong as my expectation. 

"It was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality was rather average but we all cannot deny that it is photogenic".