Five easy and child-friendly midweek meals

Creamy pesto gnocchi
South asian delight: this Sri Lankan one-pot biryani is bursting with flavours

Dinner time should be an opportunity to expand your child’s food horizons, helping them to discover new foods they love. These easy midweek meals will have them asking for more

Children can be hard to please when it comes to mealtimes, and what they see as discerning parents will often see as fussy. 

One minute they may be obsessed with eating cereal for every meal and the next they’ve decided that your arrival home with the week’s shopping is the time to announce they’re going vegan.

But don’t worry. Arm yourself with these simple weeknight supper ideas from HelloFresh and you’ll be ready for (almost) anything.

For picky eaters

Unless you want to cook fish fingers, chips and beans every night of the week, load your recipe arsenal with some sneakily adventurous twists on classics that will gradually expand their palates and hopefully have them devouring everything on their plates. We love these honey mustard sausages with sweet potato mash and red onion gravy, because what kid – or adult, for that matter – doesn’t love sausages and mash? Substituting sweet potato ups the nutrition factor, while the twists on traditional bangers and gravy sneak in more sophisticated flavours.

Bangers and mash: try swapping the traditional spud for sweet potato

For vegetarians

Whether the whole family or just one lone ranger is vegetarian, there’s so much choice and variety out there. This veggie-loaded Spanish-style rice is a winning choice all round. It’s easier to make than a risotto (no need for constant stirring and pot watching) and is packed with rich, deep flavours that should satisfy even non-vegetarians. And it’s easy to scatter cooked prawns or chicken on individual portions too.

Spanish flavours: give the traditional paella a twist with this vegetarian dish

For adventurous eaters

Lucky enough to have kids who are hungry to try more unusual flavours and cuisines? Build on that by trying something new, perhaps making it a weekly event. These chicken curry ideas from HelloFresh are a good place to start. They’re filled with complex flavours yet simple enough to throw together after a long day. The laksa, packed with delicate, fragrant flavours, and Sri Lankan biryani are sure to become family favourites.

Exotic touch: a tasty curry needn't take long to cook

For unexpected guests

There’s nothing like than planning your week’s meals only for your children to invite their friends round for tea. Turn what could be a major gritted-teeth situation into an opportunity to flex your mass catering skills by going for bulk. The key is to have a few recipes on hand that can be easily beefed up and stretched to feed another mouth or three. Take these richly delicious herby meatballs. The recipe is a literal mash-up of Italian meatballs and mash laced with cheese. Make it go further by upping the quantity of panko breadcrumbs in the meatballs, throwing in an extra potato or two and cooking up some extra veggies.

Mad for meatballs: you can feed a whole army with this delicious midweek meal

For fussy families

While it often makes sense to get the kids fed earlier and make a separate grown-ups’ meal once they’ve gone to bed, there’s something special about everyone sitting down at the table together. It’ll save time in the kitchen and help stop you munching on the kids’ leftovers. Go for a crowd-pleasing recipe such as this HelloFresh creamy pesto gnocchi. Pasta fans will love it, and the creamy, moreish sauce will have everyone licking their lips (and perhaps their bowls).

Pasta party: little ones will love this creamy pesto gnocchi
Recipe boxes not just for adults

About 45 per cent of parents make more than one evening meal to appease fussy eaters.

HelloFresh has partnered with Telegraph Spark to show how to counteract fussy eating by getting children involved and creating good eating habits.

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