What time is the MasterChef final on and who will win?

Billy, Jack and Jane are in the running to become MasterChef champion
Billy, Jack and Jane are in the running to become MasterChef champion Credit: BBC

When is the MasterChef final?

The final will air at 8.30pm, Friday May 6, on BBC One

Who is in the final?

After a tense penultimate episode in which Juanita was sent home, Jack, Jane and Billy are currently in the running.

Judges Greg Wallace and John Torode will have to choose their Series 12 champion Credit: BBC/Shine TV

What challenges await them?

The exact challenges of Friday's finale are under wraps, but the BBC says they will "have three hours to produce three exceptional courses, push the culinary boundaries and give the judges an awe-inspiring tasting like never before". No pressure, then.

Who's likely to win?

It's hard to call this series. Each of the trio has shown serious talent.

Property surveyor Billy is, as Torode once put it, "officially nuts": he's innovative, but his weird-and-wonderful dishes don't always work, and he suffers from nerves . A wildcard choice. 

Housewife and mum-of-four Jane has a steely unflappability which should carry her in good stead; she was the first to step forward to cover for Juanita when her fellow contestant fell ill in Mexico.

Lawyer Jack's cooking has been consistently clever and impressive, especially considered that he is only 27 (remember that coriander pudding?)

Our money is on Jane or Jack... unless Billy really pulls all the stops out.