Deliciously Ella: my resolution every year? To ignore fad diets

Ella with her buckwheat salad
Denial is so 2015. Instead, eat well and feel great with Deliciously Ellas's hearty recipes Credit: Clare Winfield

January always seems to be the month of healthy food. Almost everyone wants to use the next few weeks to work off their Christmas feasting and feel great again. As a result, there are lots of mad diets floating around at this time of year, almost all of which I’d advise you to avoid. Instead, focus on natural foods that boost your energy and most importantly, taste good. You don’t want to spend all month feeling deprived and dreaming of all the things you’d like to eat.

The three recipes I’m sharing with you today are perfect for this: they’re warming, hearty and nourishing.  My Brazilian black bean stew is an amazing winter warmer, and one of my favourite takes on healthy comfort food. It’s so satisfying and hearty, with an amazing range of flavours and textures. It’s full of wonderful, nutritious ingredients, but it doesn’t look or taste healthy at all. It goes against all misconceptions that healthy food is bland and unfilling!

Miso and ginger soup is the perfect pick-me-up when you're feeling fluey

The best thing about this dish is the added mango and lime on the top, it may sound odd, but please don’t leave it out – it adds a great zing to each bite and makes the dish unique. I serve this on a bed of brown rice drizzled with sesame and olive oil, when I make it for dinner. I always make extra stew though, which I either freeze or take to work the next day. That’s why I’ve made the recipe for 6-8 people, as it’s great to have delicious leftovers in your kitchen, so that you don’t have to worry about cooking when you don’t have time. 

My next dish – a miso and mushroom soup with ginger carrots – is lighter, but just as flavoursome. It’s also really quick to make, the whole thing comes together in about ten minutes. This is a lovely thing to make if you’re still feeling a little full after the holidays or a day of indulgence, or need a pick me up when you’re feeling a bit fluey. The ginger gives the soup a lovely, warming feel, while the sweet miso is so rich and comforting – there’s also garlic, tamari and lime mixed into the broth for added flavour. I then add carrots, bean sprouts and mushrooms into the miso, ginger mix so that you have something to chomp on as you eat your bowl of soup – it makes it so much more satisfying! 

My final January favourite is a simple, warming salad – this may not sound overly exciting, but trust me, it’s so tasty. You just have to make it; you’ll want to eat it every day once you’ve tried it, which is exactly what I’ve been doing! I’ve made this so much over the last few months and still absolutely love it. The roasted tomatoes give a fantastic sweetness to the salad, while the buckwheat adds a creamy bite and the garlic and mustard sautéed broccoli makes it feel warming! The best thing about this dish though is pouring the warm juice from the roasted tomatoes over everything; it really brings all the ingredients together in the most delicious way.

This colourful spiced stew is packed full of sweet potatoes, beans and tomatoes and finished off with slices of ripe mango for a juicy sweetness Credit: Clare Winfield
This light broth is flavoured with umami rich miso, ginger, carrots and mushrooms Credit: Clare Winfield
A warm salad of nutty buckwheat, roasted tomatoes, spinach and broccoli with a tangy mustard dressing Credit: Clare Winfield

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