The best baking equipment for your kitchen, inspired by The Great British Bake Off

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The return of Bake Off to our screens is boosting sales of home baking equipment in the UK

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens this year (not even a national lockdown could stop it) and, in keeping with tradition, consumers snapped up baking tools and equipment to create their own slice of the action at home.

Since its debut in 2010, the show has energised home baking sales in the UK – inspiring the "The Bake Off" effect, whereby shoppers stock up in advance of a new series, almost every

From the classic Mason Cash mixing bowls you'll recognise from the show to quirky baking kits from, here's all the equipment you need to recreate the magic of The Great British Bake Off 2020 in your own kitchen...

The best baking equipment for Bake Off-worthy creations

1.   KitchenAid Artisan 

£499, Currys

The KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer (available in a range of both pastel and metallic hues) is traditionally the batter-mixer of choice in the Bake Off tent. It comfortably handles large quantities of ingredients and the stiffest of doughs, and allows you to mix ingredients without losing air (a key consideration for showstopping baking mixtures: no soggy bottoms here). 

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2.  Heritage 10-cup bundt tin

£55, Amazon

Any budding Bake Off contestant in your life will be in urgent need of this cult classic bundt tin. In striking gold with heat-responsive cast aluminium, it produces evenly baked, doughnut-shaped wonders every time.

3. Dualit hand mixer

​£69.99, John Lewis

Don't discount the value of a great hand mixer for whipping up a showstopping bake in a hurry. The Dualit Hand Mixer is powerful and robust, and features four different speed settings. If you're feeling inspired to get set to bake, check out our Telegraph Recommended guide to the best hand mixers  for speedy, show-stopping Bake Off inspired creations. 

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4. KitchenCraft cake tin set

​£11.99, Amazon

If you're hoping to bake along with this year's contestants, you'll be in need of a set of springform cake tins. These non-stick ones from KitchenCraft come in three handy sizes, and they’re ideal for all sorts of bakes, from fruity Christmas cakes to light, fluffy sponges. 

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5. Mason Cash mixing bowl

£18 - £27.99, John Lewis

This magnificent chip-resistant mixing bowl by Mason Cash is a kitchen must-have for cooks who take pride in their baking. The traditional glazed earthenware mixing bowl is a wonderful biscuit colour, made in Derbyshire.

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7.  Personalised baking kit and apron

Rocket and Fox at, £27.99

A gift for a would-be baker, special kit to make your own baking time extra special, or a prize for the star baker of your own Bake Off competition at home, this set includes an apron, spatula and rolling pin made with sustainable wood in Hampshire. There's also a kids version. 

5.  Heston Blumenthal “Precision” dual platform digital kitchen scales by Salter


A great pair of digital scales will help you to make sure you get your quantities just right. In our Telegraph Recommended guide to the best kitchen scales, we found these digital kitchen scales to be slick and accurate for measurements from 0.1kg to 10kg. 

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 8. Circulon Momentum loaf tin


Don't forget to use your loaf (tins). Opt for non-stick to avoid your bakes from sticking, or brush with a little oil: a 2lb (900g) 9x5 inch tin makes a standard-sized loaf. 

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12.  Reusable silicone non-stick cupcake cases

£15, John Lewis

Display your cupcakes beautifully and make sure you never run out of cases with this handy reusable silicone set of 24. 

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 10.  Paul Hollywood measuring spoons

£15.88, Amazon

Measuring is a doddle with this handy set of measuring spoons. They could be the difference between a soft, crumbling shortcrust that melts in the mouth, and a disappointingly stodgy pastry. 

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11. Mary Berry cake lifter

£13.99, Lakeland

Avoid catastrophe and move your cakes from place to place with ease with Mary Berry's clever cake lifter.

14. Cake stand

£95, Amara

Finally, present your masterpiece on a beautiful cake stand, like this LSA International glassware stand.