How to watch Mulan on Disney+ with Premier Access

How to watch Mulan on Disney+ with Premier Access
Extraordinary tale: the story of Mulan is based on Chinese folklore

Watch the stunning new live-action film at home

It is over 20 years since the animated film Mulan captured the world’s hearts, and now Disney has released a spectacular live-action remake to watch at home.

Based on Chinese folklore, Hua Mulan is an extraordinary girl who defies tradition to protect her family and her country on the battlefield.

When the Emperor decrees that every family must supply one man to fight invaders from the north, Mulan stands in for her ailing father. Disguising herself as a man, Mulan joins the Imperial Army, where her boundless chi (life force) is put to the test against the enemy hordes.

Described by The Telegraph’s film critic Robbie Collin as “visually stunning”, the action propels us from a fairy-tale village to the breathtaking steppe, up snowy peaks and into the heart of the Imperial City.

Yifei Liu is spellbinding in the title role, playing both action hero and girl coming of age. A role model for viewers of all ages, Mulan overcomes her fears to let her light shine out. Plus, her combat skills put those beefy men to shame. 

How to watch Mulan on Disney+

To watch Mulan at home today, simply subscribe to Disney+ and unlock Premier Access for an extra £19.99. Other Disney+ subscribers have to wait until December to watch Mulan, so you get to jump the queue and enjoy bragging rights for months to come.

A subscription to Disney+ is just £5.99 per month or £59.99 per year. Once you have subscribed, you can make a one-off payment of £19.99 for Premier Access to Mulan.

With Premier Access, you can watch Mulan as many times as you like, as well as download the film on to your favourite devices. This is a film you’ll want to rewatch.

Must-see: watch Mulan by subscribing to Disney+ and unlocking Premier Access

Streaming Mulan on Disney+ is a fraction of the cost of taking your whole family to the cinema. Not only are you saving on the cost of tickets, but also the sweets and popcorn that may burn a hole in your pocket at the multiplex.   

So bring the magic of Mulan to your own home. Settle in to watch charging horsemen, wall-leaping swordsmen and a heroine who will make even hardened fathers shed a tear. 

Get streaming access to Mulan for £19.99 with a Disney+ subscription. Subscription and additional fee required.