Believe it or not, there's an actor under the GoT bad guy's icy thorns. His name is Richard Brake, and here's where you've seen him before

Game of Thrones fans were treated to the season's most horrifying episode yet in the season five episode Hardhome, which saw the electrifying reveal of The Night's King, leader of the supernatural Others. Forget Ramsay, Joffrey et al: The Night's King, ladies and gentlemen, is the Game of Thrones Big Bad.  

On the show, he's an icy, inhuman king from the wintery North, with the power to create an army of the undead, and a desire to sweep southwards, spreading death and destruction in his wake.

When he's not on the show, he's a 6ft 2in 50-year-old British-American actor named Richard Brake. The name might not be that familiar, but Brake's actually popped up in more movies than you'd think. In case you found it hard to recognise him under all that White Walker make-up, we've rounded up six of his key roles:

1. Batman Begins (2005)

Character: Joe Chill

Over the years, Bruce Wayne's poor parents have been killed on-screen a fair few times. But the death scene in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins still stands out as one of the most affecting of all. But who played Joe Chill, the down and out petty criminal responsible for the murders? Yep - that's the Night's King, aka Richard Brake.

There's a certain fittingness in the way Brake went from playing someone named Joe Chill to playing a White Walker; cold characters are clearly his specialty. In a strange coincidence, Batman Begins also feature an appearance from a young King Joffrey himself, Jack Gleason.

2. Muse's Knights of Cydonia music video (2006)

Character: Sheriff Baron Klaus Rottingham

In 2006, Brake played yet another villain - but this time round, he got to dress in a black cowboy outfit, and sport a longer, blonder hairdo, for his role in Muse's Western-inspired Knights of Cydonia music video.

3. The Black Dahlia (2006)

Character: Bobby DeWitt

Remember The Black Dahlia - that ever so slightly confusing but beautifully noir-ish Brian de Palma crime drama, based on James Ellroy's account of a real life murder in Forties LA? (It had Josh Hartnett in it. And Scarlett Johansson.) Brake played  a villain (yes, another) named Bobby Dewitt; a bank-robber and ex-convict, who is shot halfway through the film.

4. Outpost (2007)

Character: Prior

With the exception of the sublime Dead Snow, Outpost is probably one of the best films about undead, supernatural Nazis that you'll ever watch. It even contains the immortal line: "Say what you like about the Nazis ... they had style".

It also features Richard Brake; for once he's not cast as one of the bad guys, but instead as a tough ex-Marine named Prior, who is part of a group exploring an ex-military bunker in Europe ... "We killed most everybody else," he says, at one point. "I figure it's about time we touched gloves with some Nazis, huh?" 

5. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Character: Captain of the Einherjar

Brake's height, and his "not a man to mess with" face put him in good stead when he was cast as the Captain of the Einherjars in Marvel's Thor sequel. The Einherjar, in case you're wondering, are Asgard's elite guards: supreme warriors, trained by Odin to protect their world.

6. Spy (2015)

Character: Solsa Dudaev

Game of Thrones's Night's King and a Melissa McCarthy movie might not seem like the most obvious combination, but in Mccarthy's latest comedy Spy, Brake pops up as Russian baddie Dudaev. In the video below, Brake describes McCarthy as "lovely" and "like a little sister", and admits to being a big fan of her other work with director Paul Feig. Next time the Night's King appears on screen: remember, he's a Bridesmaids fan.