Tom Holland announces Spider-Man Homecoming title in surprise CinemaCon visit

Tom Holland at the Spider-Man Homecoming announcement at CinemaCon
The title 'shows the enduring conflicts of Peter Parker’s youth; saving the world and getting your algebra done on time'

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Movie fans in the know are well aware that studios often use events such as CinemaCon, the annual convention of theater owners, to break news. With Sony Pictures’ presentation scheduled for Tuesday night, many were hoping for even the tiniest revelation regarding the new Spider-Man movie. Not only did they get their wish but Tom Holland, the new Web Slinger himself, stopped by to make the announcement.

Only a few hours earlier Holland had walked the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel Studios film in which the third big screen version of Spider-Man makes his debut. After a relatively quick private jet ride he was strolling on stage to greet Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman as a surprise guest at the end of the studio’s presentation. In quick order he revealed that the latest installment in the frequently rebooted franchise is now officially titled Spider-Man Homecoming.

Tom Holland has been cast as the new Spider-Man Credit: Shutterstock/Rex

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His announcement coincided with an animated title treatment that was something of a surprise to the 19-year-old Brit best known for his role in The Impossible.

“That looks awesome,” Holland says. “I’m in the movie and I haven’t even seen that. It looks cool.”

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Rothman began to explain that there was obviously a High School reference to the title. In the US, homecoming is traditionally the designated weekend where students will return to school and, more importantly, usually coincides with the first major school dance of the year.  

That being said, Rothman added, “Of course [the title] shows the enduring conflicts of Peter Parker’s youth; saving the world and getting your algebra done on time. More than that for us at Sony the film is a homecoming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Something we and all the fans are giddy about.”

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Holland then teased the film’s storyline noting, “It really is a homecoming to the character because throughout the story Peter is trying to find his true identity and where he really belongs in this world.”

Before departing, Holland introduced a clip of Civil War that finds Peter Parker returning home to find his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and none other than Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) chatting on his living room sofa. Parker is shocked to see Stark there and the billionaire tries to get him to play along with the idea the notorious playboy has stopped by to discuss an educational grant intended for the youngster. Of course, it’s more likely that Iron Man is looking to recruit Spider-Man as super powered heroes take sides in Civil War.

Spider-Man Homecoming will be directed by newcomer Jon Watts (Cop Car) and written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (Horrible Bosses).  It’s currently scheduled to open on July 7, 2017 in the US and July 28, 2017 in the UK.