This 1933 Laurel and Hardy comedy is a joyous romp, says Martin Chilton

In Sons of the Desert, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are scheming to outwit their wives and secretly attend a Sons of the Desert lodge meeting in Chicago.

To put one over on Lottie Hardy (Mae Busch) and Betty Laurel (Dorothy Christy), Ollie has to pretend to be ill so he can be sent on an an ocean voyage to Honolulu in order to recover. Because Ollie feels hot, Stan takes his temperature with an outdoor barometer, reading the results as "wet and windy."

When the doctor (Lucien Littlefield) arrives in a wagon with barking dogs, advertising his business as Dr. Horace Meddick, Veterinary - Animals Best Friend, Ollie and Stan have the following exchange:

Oliver: "Why did you get a veterinarian?"
Stan: "Well, I didn't think his religion would make any difference."

You know things will go horribly wrong for the boys and so it does, resulting in the use again of that memorable line "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."

Sons of the Desert is a joyous romp, full of sparkling jokes, and the story holds together well. It was based on a story by Frank Craven. an American actor, playwright, and screenwriter, best known for originating the role of the Stage Manager in Thornton Wilder's OurTown.

The music in Sons of the Desert is wonderful, too, especially Honolulu Baby, which was written by T Marvin Hatley. the man who composed the Laurel and Hardy Cookoo Song theme tune.The international Laurel and Hardy society The Sons of the Desert takes its name from this feature film.

Sons of the Desert is 65 minutes of pure and simple fun.