The first verdicts on Jurassic World are in. Has director Colin Trevorrow knocked it out of the Park?

So it’s official. After the world premiere in Paris this weekend, there are more than a handful of people in the universe who have seen Jurassic World, the fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park film series.

The film has been eagerly awaited for over a decade, after being announced in 2002 and originally set for release in 2005. Several changes of cast, director and script later, Jurassic World finally had its world premiere in Paris on May 29. And the reaction so far is anything to go by, it was worth the wait.

Stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Omar Sy all attended, along with the director, Colin Trevorrow. Paris rose to the occasion, with some minor prehistoric additions to the traditional Parisian landscape, which pleased Trevorrow. 

Chris Pratt, for one, definitely seems happy with the result.  

He also encouraged fans to get their tickets in advance, with a tweet which is either meant to be an enticement or a threat … 

It seems that the contents of the film is still being rather successfully guarded. With an embargo still in place until the film’s general release next week, spoilers are not flooding the internet, and what reactions there are fairly reticent. From what we can see, though, nobody has come away disappointed.

Trevorrow has only one previous directing credit to his name, so the Jurassic Park franchise is an unusually large responsibility for him to take up. But he seems to be receiving (or at least retweeting) little but praise for his production, which has original director Steven Spielberg on board as executive producer. (Trevorrow recently announced that he won't return for the fifth film.)

As this tweet shows, a lot is riding on this.

At the moment, Jurassic World appears to be living up to its Indominus-rex-sized hype. 

The UK premiere is next week, and preparations have already begun.

Jurassic World opens in UK cinemas on June 11