From Glengarry Glen Ross to Scarface, here are some of Al Pacino's best angry moments on film

You won’t like him when he’s angry. Which, in the case of the invariably irate Al Pacino, is more often than not. Watching a rush of a blood go to the American actor’s head is quite a fearsome sight, as his facial features power up like some ancient volcano preparing to churn out devastating explosions of molten lava. His eyes like unholy tractor beams.

But Pacino has indeed carved out a subtlety of rage over the years. His Ricky Roma was ruthless in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), as Tony D'Amato in Any Given Sunday (1999) was a ranting inspiration, and in Scarface (1983) a temptestuous madman. Any object – whether it be a chair, a machine gun, or even a team sheet – in his hands has the potential to be a lethal object.

This could all be coming to an end, however, with Pacino’s forthcoming film Danny Collins, in which he plays a washed-up rock star on the path of reconciliation. It’s probably safe to say, though, that we haven’t yet seen the last of this man’s temper tantrums.