She Wears It Well: Management Consultant Penney Frohling offers her tips for easy dressing

she wears it well 
Fashion by Ria Laskaris; hair & makeup by Jess Whitbread, using Ouai haircare and Chantecaille Credit: Alice Whitby

54 year old management consultant, Penney Frohling, looks to a wardrobe full of fabulous basics punctuated by pops of print to see her through the working week. ''In the same way that you aspire to have a well-stocked pantry, I think your wardrobe needs to be filled with things you’re going to love and wear all the time,'' she tells The Telegraph. ''Invest in a really good foundation and then have fun with blouses and accessories.'' 

Frohling isn't afraid of spending on clothes, but urges that one should do so wisely. ''If I see that a designer I like is doing something funky one season, I won't buy them just because I'm loyal to the brand,'' she says.

Part of her clever spending scheme is also knowing what really works for her. ''My whole wardrobe is full of neutrals - navy, black, camel, grey - and then in the summer I will mix in a bit of khaki and white depending on how hot it is, and when I wear colour I wear red,'' she says matter-of-factly. 

Credit: Alice Whitby

Jacquard dress, £715, Erdem; pumps, £425, Jimmy Choo; tights, £17, Wolford

As well as being confident in her colour palette, Frohling's sartorial savvy stretches to knowing exactly what pieces work for the various components of her day. ''I always wear dresses for work, because they're really simple and easy,'' she explains. ''I don't have to worry about matching blouses and things being clean, and because I'm always jumping on and off the tube, I need something that goes with flats.''

And while flats (usually Roger Vivier) are the shoes she wears while travelling between Canary Wharf and Central London, once in the office Frohling changes into very high heels: ''I call them my carpet shoes.''

If you can feel your clothes when you're wearing them, you're not buying the right stuff

Although a change of shoe and a structured dress might not scream simplicity to you, it does for Frohling, who prioritises ease and comfort when getting dressed. ''I'm not into high maintenance dressing,'' she tells The Telegraph. ''And  part of that is finding pieces that fit so perfectly that you don't have to think about them - if you can feel your clothes when you're wearing them, you're not buying the right stuff,'' she continues, citing Roland Mouret as an excellent choice for those looking to invest in immaculately-made clothes that fit just so. 

''I know what works for me and I know the designers that work for me, and I wear pieces until they call apart and then I replace them with identical versions,'' she says, also citing Wolford's sheer tights as part of her essential workwear arsenal: ''they're definitely part of my look - I like that people think I'm not wearing any.''

And what about accessories? ''I don't really accessorise, except for statement rings,'' she says. ''I have a couple of really good rings by Reema Pachachi who has done for jewellery what Donna Karen did for dressing -  developing a series of collections based on 'five easy pieces','' she continues, before adding that she can't wear earrings because her piercings ripped in the 80s when she sported supersize ear candy on a daily basis. ''That was my whole look back then,'' she recalls.