My new must-have accessory? The crossbody phone case

street style
A showgoer sports a crossbody phone case at Paris Fashion Week  Credit: Getty 

It’s not often you wear something that everyone stops to comment on but my cross-body-phone-case has caused quite a sensation this past week. I thought wearing my phone slung across my jumpers and jackets might mark me out as The Forgetful One, or The Saddo Who Can’t be Parted From her Phone For More Than A Nano Second. Both true, as it happens, and not anything to which it seemed wise to draw attention.

But in fact, comments have ranged to “”Oh my God, I love it’ to ‘Oh my God, where can I can it?”, with the occasional “Is it Valentino?” thrown in.

It’s not Valentino, although it does have Valentino-esque metal studs on the strap. (There’s a leather and metal Chanel-esque option as well). It’s also a rather chic bottle green textured leather and the straps can be removed should you ever take leave of your senses and decide to use it as a conventional case.

It gets better. There’s a slim pocket at the back for your credit cards.

Admittedly, this is fairly basic stuff compared with the actual phone it houses, but it only goes to show that genius doesn’t always have to be complex. Personally, I’d like to suggest that if there were a second, cylindrical compartment for some lip balm, it would be 360 degree perfection. Then again, that might make it a bit bulky.

In the meantime, this current incarnation has proved a game changer. I haven’t lost my phone once this week . It’s easily accessible when I need to swipe it to pay for items and the strap encourages you not to use it next to your ears, but to speak on the phone via headphones (a good thing: when I interviewed Sir Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer of Apple recently, he told me he avoids holding his phone directly against his head for long conversations. Bottom line: if the phone gets hot, don’t keep it pressed to your ears).

Snake print strap, £125, Anya Hindmarch; Phone case, £95. Anya Hindmarch; Leather crossbody, £69, Soda Shop 

This case could mean the end of stuffing your phone in your back pocket – with all the predictable calamities that can ensue from that, including seeing it bend, crack or fall in the loo, the last of which is the single most deadly threat to all phones (no point in being coy about how your phone drowned when you speak to the insurance company by the way. They know).

I’m now so smug about the credit card slot, that I’m tempted to abandon my proper handbag and just go out with the phone case. The lip balm will just have to go in a pocket somewhere. And my headphones. And the rest of my make-up, gloves, umbrella… maybe this bag-free project isn’t going to work.

The bandolier cross-body phone case isn’t exactly being given away, and there are cheaper ones – on Amazon for instance – but they’re not as nice and don’t look as well made. Alternatively, you can go more luxe still, and opt for a self-customisable cross-body or wristlet phone case from Anya Hindmarch to which you can add her leather stickers, charms and card-sized pouch…

For some reason, both the Bandolier and Hindmarch cases are iPhone compatible only, but if your phone matches the measurements, then maybe you can work something out. If so, hours of fun customising can be yours. And years of hands-freedom.