How to be 'just about glamorous'

Lanvin SS17 Credit: Isidore Montag

Over drinks with the designer Osman Yousefzada recently, we got talking about the return of glamour. Osman is sensing an appetite for it, and it’s certainly becoming more visible on the catwalks – with more embroidery, sequins and tulle everywhere you look. As Osman was brought up helping his Afghani seamstress mother make fabulous outfits for her customers, he is not averse to a bit of pizazz. In fact, he loves it. 

Osman floral embroidered coat, £995, Browns. Embellished blue ballerina shoes, £95, Uterque

Me? I’m nervous. The word ‘glamour’ does that to me. It shouldn’t, because I grew up in Manchester, where on Saturdays it was your civic duty to buy a new going-out outfit and glam up for the night ahead. A few years after leaving home for London,  I went back for a night out and a young man made a beeline for me to point out that I ‘looked weird’. Ah, the old Mancunian charm. Pure Liam Gallagher.

But I saw what he meant: I did appear to be the only person  in this designer bar not wearing Giorgio Armani, nor sporting glossy ironed hair.  But while I’ll never don a one-shouldered, diamanté-encrusted mini dress and silver disco boots à la next-season Saint Laurent,  I do try to move with the times. And so I am inching into bling in my own way, with a look I’m calling ‘Just About Glamorous’. 

Poppy print jumpsuit, £119, Finery. Arm sash dress, £125, KITRI 

Just About Glamorous is something glossy but comfortable, shiny but not too much. Maybe it’s a luxury fabric in an easy shape – like the Lanvin silk suit pictured here. Or a bejewelled or embellished flat summer shoe, of which there are many, many, many this season.  Osman has suggested the perfect JAG piece: a short-sleeved, waisted khaki coat;  a casual colour I’m comfortable in but  with a kind of 1950s Dior silhouette and  – here’s the jazzy bit – three flowers embroidered with pearls on the breast.  Just About Glamorous. And it will look really good with some frayed jeans.