The most stylish labels for plus-size clothes 

A look from Elvi's latest collection
A look from Elvi's latest collection Credit: Courtesy of Elvi

The shopping landscape is better than it has ever been for plus-size women. While there is always more that could be done by retailers, anyone looking looking for fashionable clothes in a range of styles and sizes across all price points has currently got more choice than ever before. And given that the average clothes size is a 16, it finally feels like brands are getting wise to the plus-size pound. 

Here are eight of the best places to get shopping…


For years, Eloquii has been the brand that British women have coveted from afar. A bright, bold, modern array at relatively affordable prices? We couldn’t have been be more jealous of our American counterparts. But, good news,  Eloquii now ships to the UK! Obviously there’s shipping and import tax to consider, but if you split it with some friends it takes the sting out a little.

What they’re great at: Eloquii is fast at responding to consumer demand. If they make a great pair of trousers that work for lots of customers, they’re quick to reproduce them in other colours and prints. This forest green skirt from the autumn/ winter collection is versatile and luxurious. 

ASOS Curve

Fast fashion at relatively affordable prices, ASOS Curve is the place you can rely on to provide you with everything from jeans to wedding dresses that’ll arrive the next day and not break the bank. As well as their brilliant own range- this denim jumpsuit is a currently highlight- they stock a whole host of brands perfectly pitched at a discerning plus size shopper.

What they’re great at: Making shopping almost too easy. Their website interface and ASOS app are second to none.


Credit: Courtesy of Monki

Flounce dress, £40, Monki

Not officially plus size (but it would be amazing if it was), Monki is the holy grail of oversized items that would fit, in some cases, up to a UK 24. Trousers and jumpsuits are probably a no-go, but tops and dresses in a size L are often totally suitable for a plus size body. Look out for anything specifically listed as oversized, or use your judgement on things like t-shirt dresses and shirt dresses.

What they’re great at: Wearable, everyday Scandi-cool.


Strutting down the street like the world is our runway. 💫👠

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One of the most exciting plus-size ranges in history, Premme was founded and launched by superstar bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason with the aim of providing exciting looks which weren't limited by their size tag. Happily, they have now started shipping to the UK so us Brits can buy into the philosophy too. 

What they’re great at: Making clothes for the fashion-obsessed women who want to dress like Gabi and Nicolette. It’s all in the detail.


Their official plus range leaves a lot to be desired on the fashion-forward front, but if you’re at the lower end of plus size, M&S’s Autograph range does almost all pieces up to a 22. The dream would be for M&S to extend their super-sleek Limited Edition range to plus sizes rather than stopping at an 18.

This pleated skirt is available up to size 22

Metallic skirt, £55, Marks and Spencer

What they’re great at: Actually carrying sizes in store. Their website obviously has the biggest size range, but it’s very likely you’ll find your size in store if they make it.


Credit: Courtesy of Elvi

Black chiffon dress, £79, Elvi

Elvi is a quietly brilliant plus-size brand. Their site, branding and photography are all beautifully considered, as are their clothes. This is a label created entirely to cater to plus-size women with beautifully luxurious combinations of the fabrics, patterns and cuts. In short, we need more brands like Elvi.

What they’re great at: Their autumn/winter colour palette is sumptuous and touches on trends whilst also offering timeless pieces, like the dress above.

Simply Be

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In terms of sheer volume, Simply Be can’t be beaten. Their array is overwhelming at times, but if you have the patience to sift through it, you can generally find what you’re looking for. Their size range in particular deserves a shout out: at the time of writing, Simply Be had more than 1,200 items in stock in a size 32, a welcome change from brands who often don’t go above a 24.

What they’re great at: Denim. They have a style of jeans for everyone.


If you’re looking for clothes for plus-size women, designed by plus-size women, then Navabi’s influencer collections are a great place to start. The brand has been working in collaboration with plus-size influencers to get a variety of styles represented in the ranges. Full disclosure: the first in the series was designed by me, Bethany Rutter (under my blogging pseudonym, Arched Eyebrow), but as it’s a riot of colour, great shapes and cool details, you’d definitely want to know about it.

What they’re great at: The touch of luxury that’s often missing from plus size ranges.