#Humblebrag: Boden's Icons parka

Boden's limited edition Hyde parka
Boden's limited edition Hyde parka

I'm not going to pretend that £400 is an insignificant amount to spend on a parka, even if some highstreet brands are now charging as much as £600.

But if you've always wanted a parka that's warm, with a detachable, perky orange lining and a removable hood that comes with decent-looking fake fur; a parka that's oversized but can be cinched in at the waist to avoid that blobby feeling; a parka that will make you feel coddled and cosseted on those blustery early mornings (and drizzly evenings) in the park; a parka - in short - that feels a bit like a coat - then this has your name on it.

It's part of Boden's new Icons range - a collection of 17 designs inspired by British staples such as velvet Mod coats, military skirts and velvet flares. Prices are higher than the average Boden tag, but fabrics are noticeably superior and all the blocks have been remodelled for a better cut.

Icons launches on September 22 and each style is limited to a run of 100. If the idea is to challenge preconceptions about Boden's reputation for tweeness, job done.

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