#Humblebrag: Alexandra Soveral's Forever Young eye cream

Alex Soveral forever young eye cream
Alex Soveral's Forever Young eye cream

Facial massage used to be a niche doctrine at best, but thanks to star practitioners such as Telegraph favourite Alexandra Soveral, these days it’s pretty much de rigueur in all the most effective skin care routines. 

A couple of minutes every morning won’t necessarily make you look 10 years younger but will ensure your skin exudes an oxygenated glow, smoothed of all fine lines. 

It does, however, need to be carried out properly. For the price of Soveral’s Forever Young eye cream you can nab a one-on-one tutorial at the new SOVERAL counter at Liberty, in London (Wednesdays – Sundays), to show you how to do a daily eye draining massage effectively. 

With mandarin peel, frankincense, vitamin E, honey extract and evening primrose, this is a potent, minor miracle-worker on aging or tired eyes – a little goes a very long way. 

Alexandra Soveral Forever Young eye cream, £39 for 15ml, plus eye massage tutorial at Liberty