Alana Hadid on her new fashion collaboration, sisters Gigi and Bella and being an accidental influencer

Alana Hadid for Strathberry
Alana Hadid for Strathberry wearing the East/West Stylist bag

A born and raised California girl, it is quite hard to picture Alana Hadid, 33, tasting her first Irn-Bru in the sleet in Edinburgh. Yet, she insists, it was an essential condition of her deal with Strathberry, the Scottish handbag brand given global fame by the Duchess of Sussex, for which Hadid has designed two new handbags.

“You're smacked in the face with sugar but it's, like, the most authentic thing,” she describes. “We saw the castle and after the shoot we did whisky tasting in Aberfeldy. I loved it, I’m a Scotland-addict now that I've been watching Outlander.”

Hadid’s gaze on Scotland makes complete sense when you think about where she comes from. The second eldest daughter of the millionaire property developer Mohamed Hadid, her typical days in sunny Los Angeles are filled with “hiking or Pilates, dinner with friends, or spending time in Malibu at the beach”.

Of the five Hadid siblings, Alana and her older sister Marielle, 38, have been the least interested in pursuing global fame (her younger half-sisters, the supermodels Gigi, 23, and Bella Hadid, 22, are household names with more than 70 million followers between them, and half-brother Anwar Hadid, 19, models too, alongside running his own jewellery line). But the entire clan works in fashion, with Alana running sunglasses company Hadid Eyewear with her father and denim label La Detresse with friend Emily Perlstein.

Pictured: Alana and Gigi Hadid

The Strathberry gig is a big one for Alana; a chance to design something for an international brand and break out on her own. She’s put her spin on the label’s East/West Stylist bag, reimagining it in lime and leopard print, which she says she would personally wear with light denim and cowboy boots. The Hadids have no connection to Scotland, but Alana discovered Strathberry several years ago via Instagram and became a dedicated follower. “I noticed how unique their bags were and started messaging them over social media,” she explains. This was before another California-native had clocked on to the brand in 2017. “I was like 'Oh Meghan, you stole my look!'" Hadid laughs. "I was so excited for Strathberry, they really deserved that fame." 

Alana Hadid for Strathberry, wearing the East/West Stylist bag

Becoming an Instagram ‘influencer’, Alana says, was an unexpected side effect of having extremely famous siblings and a fabulous, photogenic life. “It wasn't like I set out to be an influencer,” she insists. “I really respect people who do it as a job, but it’s not mine, I have other projects going on. I just see Instagram as really fun and I like to show off brands that I have tried out in my life and can honestly recommend. I don't think if Instagram went away tomorrow I would lose much.” I wonder if her sisters, who can broker million-dollar deals with brands from Tommy Hilfiger to Fendi based on their followings, feel the same?

Gigi, Mohamed and Alana Hadid

Every Hadid sibling is always on the move for work, but Alana says that the physical distance between them all makes no difference to how close they are as personalities.

“Everyone's super busy but we're always in contact,” she explains. “We don’t consult on each other’s projects, it’s more like just showing what cool things we’re up to that day. We’re all just very proud of each other as everyone is accomplishing loads. Some families are all musicians and artists and we're all in fashion. It’s in our blood, it must be.”

Bella, Anwar, Marielle and Alana Hadid

There isn’t a whiff of sibling rivalry between them, either and a passion for creativity, the fashion industry, and generally being extremely good looking with good genes, is what unites them all.

“I think it trickled down from my [older] sister to all the rest of us,” Alana says. “She went into fashion first and I followed, and my younger sisters got into it too. My older sister growing up was always wearing amazing designer brands and then as each of us got into shopping we all started stealing each others clothes. Gigi and Bella were doing it too, and we still do it now if we stay at each other’s apartments. It's like any normal sisters, we just maybe have some different [read; more expensive] brands in our closets.” Essentially a wardrobe swapper’s dream...

Alana Hadid for Strathberry launches 10th April, £350, from