Telegraph Fantasy Football Championship 2017/18: Register your interest now

Credit: 2017 Getty Images/Barrington Coombs

As well as the usual Premier League edition, we'll be launching a brand new version of Telegraph Fantasy Football for the Championship very soon.

Will you be selecting John Terry in your side? Is now the time for Fulham to secure promotion? There's no better way to put your managerial skills to the test than taking on your fellow Championship fans. And what's more, there's £10,000 up for grabs for the overall winner!

You can register your interest now and we'll let you know as soon as the game is open. 

What you need to know

  • Your first team will be free
  • Scoring points will be the same as the Premier League
  • Transfers - 40 and max five per week. Use them wisely!
  • £50m budget and the usual selection criteria
  • Supporters Leagues - beat your fellow supporters and prove you're the top manager at your favourite Championship club

Provisional Player List

While you wait for the game to be available, take a look at the provisional player list and stay up to date with the latest Telegraph fantasy sports news via our official Facebook page.

Season Tickets

To make the most of your Telegraph Fantasy Football experience you'll definitely want to purchase a 17/18 Season Ticket. They offer unbeatable value and give you access to the Championship, Premier League, Champions League and next summer's World Cup games, starting from just £4.99.

Individual team credits for the Champions League and World Cup editions will start at just £5. There are great savings to be had with these two Season Ticket options:

Season Ticket: £4.99

  • Early bird (July): 3 team credits (£1.66 per team credit) - SAVE £10
  • From August 1: 2 team credits (£2.50 per team credit) - SAVE £5

Season Ticket EXTRA: £9.99

  • Early bird (July): 8 team credits (£1.25 per team credit) **BEST VALUE** - SAVE £30
  • From August 1: 5 extra team credits (£2 per team credit) - SAVE £15

Need more teams?

Once you've purchased your Season Ticket you can then buy as many additional teams as you like from as little as £2.50 a go:

  • Individual teams: £5
  • £10 for 3 teams (£3.33 each)
  • £20 for 8 teams (£2.50 each)