The Classic Motoring Review: a right rivetting read

The Classic Motoring Review - Volume One, Number One, Autumn 2017

Tired of features and car reviews that are little more than bullet points? Fans of “old-fashioned” motoring writing are in for a treat with the launch of a new quarterly publication called The Classic Motoring Review, the first issue of which is out now.

Its publisher claims that it’s rather unusual in bucking the “trend for pandering to the truncated attention spans of those weaned on digital media”.

To that end it is aimed at enthusiasts, with the laudable aim of replicating the best automotive writing of the late mid-20th century, “be it about the machines, the men who created them, or the experience of driving them.”

Each feature is up to 5,000 words, with up to about 30 per cent of them reproduced from magazines and books originally published in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

The first issue, dated Autumn 2017, features a candid interview with Enzo Ferrari by Keith Botsford, along with an essay on Juan Manuel Fangio’s legendary drive in the 1957 German GP at the old Nurburgring and the barely credible exploits of Helene Delangle - the Bugatti Queen - by Miranda Seymour.

There’s also an absorbing feature on the development of road and racing car technology by F1 stalwart Peter Wright, along with a piece by the inimitable LJK Setright.

Other contributors include Richard Williams, Steve Cropley, Gavin Green and Richard Bremner. In short, a top-quality roster of authors.

It’s no surprise that many - although certainly not all - of the contributors are former Car staffers, as publisher Mark Williams cut his teeth on the magazine alongside its talented Australian editorial team. He also founded Bike magazine in the Seventies, which was a similarly irreverent antidote to the blandness of much automotive writing of the time.

It’s not padded out with images either. Instead, each article is prefaced by a relevant line drawing or watercolour illustration, while there are also potted biographies of each author as well as a few reviews of new motoring-related books.

The Classic Motoring Review is printed on high quality A5+ cream paper, perfect bound - and a perfect accompaniment on those long winter nights when only a well-written article about classic cars will do.

Full details at the periodical is available only by annual subscription, which costs £38.50 in the UK, £48.50 in the rest of Europe and £54.50 in the rest of the world.

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