Ikea to buy back furniture for up to half its original value

The scheme will launch in the UK and Ireland on November 27

Customers fed up with their flat pack Ikea desks, drawers and book shelves will now be able to sell them back to the Swedish retailer for resale as secondhand – and get up to half of what they paid back. 

The furniture giant will launch its Buy Back initiative in the UK and Ireland on November 27 as part of its sustainability drive.

The group aimed to become a "climate-positive business" by 2030, meaning it wanted materials and products to be reused or recycled.

The initiative will see customers exchange their furniture for vouchers, the value of which depends on the condition of the goods they are returning.

Customers with "as new" items, with no damage, will get half of the original price; "very good" items, with minor scratches, will get 40pc; and "well used", with several scratches, will get 30pc, Ikea said. 

Customers wearing protective masks shop for office furniture at Ikea  Credit: Lim Huey Teng/Reuters

The one caveat is that products being returned must be "fully assembled". 

Initially the scheme will include old bookcases, sideboards, dining tables, office drawers, desks, shelving, small tables, chairs and stools without upholstery bought from Ikea. Some children’s products will also qualify.

Peter Jelkeby, Ikea's UK and Ireland retail manager, said: "Sustainability is the defining issue of our time and Ikea is committed to being part of the solution to promote sustainable consumption and combat climate change.

"With the launch of Buy Back we are giving a second life to many more Ikea products and creating more easy and affordable solutions to help people live more sustainably.

The retailer said any items that cannot be resold will be recycled or donated to charity.

Last year, John Lewis trialled  a similar scheme in an attempt to combat clothing waste.