What Glossier's billion dollar valuation means for the future of your face 

Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier, now valued at 1.2 billion dollars
Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier, now valued at 1.2 billion dollars Credit: Joel Barhamand

Today, Glossier's founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, announced the beauty brand has secured $100,000 investment now valuing the company at 1.2 billion dollars, according to the Wall Street Journal. Founded in 2014 by Weiss, who as launch editor of  Into the Gloss, had the clever idea of introducing a tightly edited beauty brand 'inspired by real life.' She built brand loyalty through engaging with consumers directly online, creating a loyal Glossier tribe who identified with its inclusive, irreverent tone and useful products that just make life easier.

An industry disruptor, five years ago, when Glossier first hit the scene, the concept of a beauty line that 'allows women to look like the best version of themselves, not an aspirational version of someone else,' was totally new. Glossier spoke to women in a fresh way - it  wasn't elitist, it didn't dictate, everyone was welcome and all shapes and shades were championed. So beloved is Glossier's founder, women the globe over credit her with changing the face of an industry that previously made them feel ignored.

Weiss was one of the first to use real women in her campaigns, and photographed them with imperfect skin - freckles, pimples, and blemishes were suddenly deemed normal, even cool - and flaws beautiful. No to mention, the products are damn good.

What does Glossier's billion dollar valuation mean for the future of your face? That there's no going back to a time when symmetrical, flawless features and hollowed cheeks are the only measure of beauty. That you can shape the way you want to look and inform the products that are created, through the online community that Weiss made the norm.

But perhaps most importantly, we can expect even better formulations that enhance, not cover, our natural features. My bet is on a complexion applicator to end all foundation brushes - Glossier's answer to the beauty blender. Following on from the recent introduction of its sister brand, Play, a more experimental glittery offering clearly aimed at Gen Z, I'm hoping for a Gen X targeted franchise of essential ageless beauty heroes with the cool factor.

And, it wouldn't be far fetched to expect Glossier spas to hit the scene in the not too distant future. While its range of makeup and skincare basics lend themselves to an online shopping model, Glossier treatments would give consumers a deeper, more meaningful Glossier experience. In the meantime, try one of my favourite Glossier basics.


Five essential Glossier products every woman should own 

Milky Oil waterproof makeup remover, £10 

It is hard to choose between this portable micellar water and oil makeup cleanser and Glossier's original face wash Milky Jelly Cleanser (hint, get both) but this is the most versatile of the two. Give it a shake and smooth over eyes, lips and cheeks to melt off long-wearing make-up without tugging at skin. I often use a dab on a cotton bud to clean up mascara mistakes. 

I love this for its simplicity. A lightweight buildable lotion that acts as a slip free base for make-up, it's in my makeup bag at all times. A great first moisturiser for teens, my daughter and I share it.

Stretch Concealer and Skin Tint Duo £26

A see-though skin tint that gives the most youthful glow, when paired with Stretch concealer, a non-cakey ageless cover-up, you'll never look like you're wearing foundation, merely that you've got naturally amazing skin. The texture of both is perfect for spring's lighter make-up attitude. 

Haloscope, £18

A highlighter with a youth-defying difference, the outer layer is infused with crystal extracts for a very subtle highlighting effect, while the inner core is steeped in vitamin rich oils to moisturise skin. I like to apply to the tops of cheekbones, brow bone and temples to catch the light. It looks especially flattering when contrasted with a bright matte lipstick. Of which Generation Z Lipstick in Zip, a poppy red, is my essential. It's available in three shades.

Rose balm dotcom £10

I must have recommended this balm at least 50 times for it's unrivaled in its versatility. Packed with natural emollients, this easy to slip-in-your-back-pocket salve moisturises chapped lips, makes a great top coat for lipstick - and, on its own, gives lips the slightest hint of grown up pink for those t-shirt and jeans days. The other five shades are fabulous too. 

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