20 signs you are a stylish person

From coffee table books to wearing less make-up, these are the twenty things that show you're stylish, according to a new poll


In a new survey of 1501 respondents including men and women aged between 16-60+ conducted by Peroni, it's not what you wear or how much money you have that determines how stylish you are these days but your behaviours.

In post Covid Britain, we now value self-assurance over looks and cultural sites over hip new restaurants, which is just as well considering the way in which we socialise has changed beyond measure.

Tellingly, the poll, conducted in November, revealed that 'carrying yourself with confidence' was the number one sign of being stylish, achieving 31% of the overall votes. 

Sam Rhodes, spokesperson for Peroni, said: It's really interesting to see what Britons think the signs of a stylish person are. This research reveals that it's not just about how someone looks - it's about who you are, what you do, and most importantly; how you do it - showing confidence and true style in your behaviour."

Meanwhile, when comes to our beauty routines, 'knowing what colours suits your skin tone' came in at number three in the poll with 27% naming that a sign you are stylish, followed by 'always dressing for the occasion.' 

Interestingly 'not being overly made up' ranked high at number six with 21% of the votes yet, on the contrary, the same percentage of respondents believe that stylish people 'always have their hair styled.'

With make-up sales down this year due to us focusing more time and money on our skincare routines, it's not surprising that wearing less make-up is a new sign of stylishness. However, paying no attention to fashion do's and don'ts was also considered a telltale style cue, showing that the nation values individuality over being on-trend.

When it comes to what makes a city stylish, 56 percent of the Brits polled said it was its cultural attractions, 53 percent put it down to cool architecture, 49 percent to interesting shops, and 46 percent to great bars and restaurants.

Londoners were the most likely to have had an image overhaul in 2020 - 38 percent said they'd done so, compared to a national average of 28 percent. In second place were those living in Newcastle (35 percent), followed by those living in Norwich (33 percent).

Cambridge is the teeth whitening capital of the UK, where a quarter of residents (25 percent) had had their smiles improved in 2020 with a teeth clean. This compares to a national average of 16 percent.

Whereas Nottingham is the city where the most people changed their hair colour in 2020 - 50 percent of residents did, compared to a national average of 29 percent.

And more men in Leicester grew a lockdown beard than anywhere else - 25 percent compared to a national average of 14 percent.

Want to know how you measure up on the style scale? These are the new signs that you are living a stylish life. 

20 signs you are stylish 

  1.  You carry yourself with confidence  30%
  2. You know how to dress for your shape and height    27%
  3. You know which colours suit your skin tone   27%
  4. You always dress for the occasion     25%
  5. You do not care what people think     24%
  6. You are not overly made-up      21%
  7. Your hair is always styled     21%
  8. You pay no attention to  fashion “dos” and “don'ts”   21%
  9. People ask where you get your clothes or furniture from  18%
  10. People ask you for style advice      17%
  11. You have a collection of good trainers     16 %
  12. You would never wear a fascinator to a wedding   13%
  13. You know good wine and beer      12%
  14. You have interesting art on your walls     11%
  15. You have full bookshelves in your home     10%
  16. You have good taste in sunglasses     10%
  17. You have scented candles or oil diffusers in your home  8%
  18. You always have fresh flowers in your house    8%
  19. You have nice rugs       7%
  20. You have stylish hardbacks on your coffee table    5%