I tried the exact facial loved by Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon. Here's my verdict

julianne moore

I’ve always found facials to be hit and miss. It’s all the faffing around I don’t like. The softly-softly approach, the careful layering of cleansers, serums, creams and masks. The waiting around in between. Especially, if it involves my face being swaddled in a hot flannel or suffocated with a sheet mask while I wait for the therapist to return, which only leaves me pondering over a pending deadline or the state of the Brexit negotiations.

So, when I showed up for a certain facial launching in the UK this week, I wasn’t expecting to like it. However, I did. A lot. And here’s why. It’s not a cuddly candlelight experience. Nor is it an abrasive, aggressive procedure.

The man in charge was Gavin McLeod-Valentine, Director of Studio Services for Intraceuticals, the US skincare brand known for giving the best glow in Hollywood. McLeod’s core celebrity clients are over 35 - Kim Kardashian-West, Allison Janney, Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams and Susan Sarandon regularly call on him before award shows and premiers to look their best.

Naturally, when Gavin invited me to Yvonne Martin’s London salon to try out his signature celebrity facial, the  Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial, I didn’t pass. 

It is pleasingly straight forward. Focussed on providing the skin with optimal hydration to visibly plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines, Intraceuticals utilises a high-tech Hyperbaric Oxygen method that helps to penetrate vital vitamins, nutrients and hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring molecule that attracts moisture) deeper into the skin than traditional methods.

After cleansing, Gavin applied a bespoke serum onto my skin, then proceeded to run the oxygen tool over the contours of my face in smooth, sweeping motions to deliver the product into the deeper layers of my skin. There are four serums to choose from: Rejuvenate for intense hydration, Opulence for brightening and pigmentation, Clarity for congested, blemished skin and Atoxelene that tightens, lifts and firms.

As my skin is chronically dehydrated, I opted for Rejuvenate. While there was no whale music playing in the background or aromatherapy oils wafting in the air, the sensation is mildly relaxing - like a jet spray of cool air over my skin. The treatment took about 45 minutes to complete, by which time the serum had been properly absorbed.

This was followed by a five minute massage application of Intraceuticals 3-Step hyaluronic treatment products: 1, Protect, 2, Replenish and 3, Revive. It is the layering of all three, Gavin assures me, that is the secret to achieving the best glow.

As with all facials, what I aspire for at the end of the hour is for radiant, rested-looking skin that could pass without makeup. And that is what I ended up with – an otherworldly glow that was slightly glossy, without looking greasy. The next morning, the gloss had settled and my skin was beaming and baby soft to touch, which carried on for a few more days thereafter.

I am continuing with the three step skincare programme at home and have become accustomed, if not addicted, to the smooth toddler-like texture I get straight after use. And I can’t rate it better than that.  Go to intraceuticals.com for a salon and product stockist nationwide. 

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