Ask the experts: Should you change your perfume for autumn?

Credit: © Bohman & Sjöstrand Ab/Bohman & Sjöstrand Ab

With the new season, we asked three perfumers whether you need to change your sparkling summer scent to something more spicy and woody for autumn.  

Roja Dove, Master Perfume
“The seasons have a profound affect on us, so it’s good to change your fragrance: we often seek different sensations from the fragrances we wear depending on the time of year. In autumn we tend to favour scents that are cocooning and enveloping, and this gives us an opportunity to enjoy the warmth of spices combined with woods, or to seek the more sensual pleasures that soft ylang ylang and orris will give us. These ingredients convey the luxuries we favour when the temperature gets colder and the nights get darker”.

Celine Roux, fragrance director, Jo Malone London
“When the summer ends, it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing summer florals, but it’s a good opportunity to start layering your perfumes. For instance: I like honeyed floral fragrances that still smell quite juicy and bright. Layered with something a bit spicier, this will create a warm, honeyed  fragrance with a touch of freshness. For me, this is the best way to transition your fragrance into autumn.”

Azzi Glasser, perfume designer
“We are getting closer to the most sensual part of the year - think fire wood, cashmere blankets, nuzzling necks and heated skin - and with this should come a new fragrance. For autumn you can switch to something more sexy and provocative, with richer accords. I love the juicy notes of sequoia wood, neroli and palmarosa, and animalistic undertones of warm musks, which adds a cocooning effect.”

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Credit: © Bohman & Sjöstrand Ab/Bohman & Sjöstrand Ab

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