What is the 'Skin Pen', the facial tweakment loved by Victoria Beckham?

It’s her ‘go-to treatment for refining skin texture’

victoria beckham 
Credit: Victoria Beckham/Instagram

When it comes to cutting edge skincare treatments, you can bet Victoria Beckham - who runs her own successful beauty range as well as fashion line - knows a thing or two about what to try. This weekend she tried the Skin Pen facial tweakment with the Milton Keynes based aesthetician Nilam Holmes, who is her regular facialist. So what is this ‘go-to treatment for refining skin texture’? 

The Skin Pen is a device based on microneedling, a tried-and-tested method of improving collagen levels in the skin and improving texture and tone. By creating tiny punctures in the skin (thousands, in fact) with a hand-held device, the process induces a natural repair mechanism in the skin. “The treatment relies solely on your body to do the work,” says Holmes, who ‘needled’ in a medical grade hyaluronic acid and vitamin cocktail into Victoria’s skin at the same time, to enhance the results. Holmes regularly uses the treatment to improve scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, large pores, skin laxity and crepey skin. 

“The skin looks pink for up to 36 hours and no make-up or products can be applied for 24 hours. The skin can be dry and flaky for up to seven days but you can see a glow after 10 days and real results within 30 days - with new collagen formation taking three months,” adds Holmes. The aesthetician also sees David Beckham for treatments, as well as television personalities including Amanda Holden and Rochelle Humes. 

If the thought of a full-on skin treatment leaves you hesitant and you want an entry into microneedling from home, you can try the Meso-Melt Infusion System by Skinesis, £138. The needles in this device dissolve as you pass it across the skin, releasing a peptide- and hyaluronic-acid-rich serum into the skin, in a similar way to the Skin Pen, but modified to make it safe for at home use.