How to beat 'fashion week face'

Gigi Hadid, the picture of fashion week perfection 
Fashion week face fixes Credit: Instagram / gigihadid

Every model, editor and designer knows that for all the glamour, energy and style that Fashion Week brings, it also delivers an aftermath of flu, fatigue and possible ‘fashion week face’.

‘Fashion Week Face,’ is the unfortunate affliction we take on after a few weeks of late nights, crazy schedules, travel and tension, add to that a bucket load of make-up for the models working their designer thing on the runway.

Thankfully, the beauty industry plays a big part in fashion week too, both during and after the shows, with a comforting offering of post-fashion week fixes to clean, feed and streamline our skin.  So if you, fashion week or not, ever suffer from a sleep-deprived, pillowed, puffy face, complete with dull complexion and dark circles, this one’s for you: we hereby give you the best cures, as tried and tested by the models and fashion crew, for sculpting and reviving your sleepy face. 

The Model Fix

"Models at Select all get facial, one of the bookers tells me.  "We tell them to drink plenty of water, topped up with lemon and ginger, which are super good for your skin.”

Model Ruth Crilly, aka A Model Recommends, and our resident vlogger says, "I always think that some kind of AHA peel product is brilliant for re-starting fatigued skin. I love Alpha-H's Liquid Gold but if I’m also a bit sensitive then I use Pai Skincare’s AHA mask as it’s gentle but effective. I’m also partial to those under-eye stick-on masks, which have to be one of the most overpriced things on the beauty market but do wonders for puffy, pinhole eyes. The Guerlain Aqua ones are my all-time favourite which - sod’s law - are also some of the most expensive I’ve tried. 

When it comes to makeup, I mix some cream illuminator (Strobe Cream from MAC, Becca skin perfector or similar) in with my foundation to give my skin a bit of a lift.  It looks more natural than having dry, flat, tired skin with a sprinkling of glittery shimmer artificially dusted over the top." 

Alpha-H's Liquid Gold 

The Facial

Now is not the time for workouts, for your face we mean.  Right about now, our personal trainer of choice is one of the face-whisperers  at The Face Gym.  These manual workouts, for your face, boost your natural lymphatic system to drain the face of any excess fluid, as well as quick-starting any sluggish muscles that may have switched off.

Be warned, these facials can be painful, and that the massage is often so strong that your face almost feels tired afterwards.  On the plus side however, it does mean that you will see the difference immediately.  And if you need extra tightening help (we did) you can also tack on some hi-tech gadgetry, including the radio-frequency machine to firm.  FYI, these facial workouts are also great for wine face, sugar face and post-party face. 

The DIY Trick

Celebrity facialist, and treatment ambassador at Liz Earle, Abigail James, once taught me to massage my skin every night before bed with an oil if I wanted to sculpt my face (I geniunely love Liz Earle Superskin™ Concentrate For Night on my skin - from £42.75 for 28ml).  I spend no more than two minutes working the oil in, concentrating on my jaw line, around and under the cheekbones and eye sockets with my knuckles and thumbs.  

James explains, "Use your thumb with the side of your forefinger and ‘pinch’ all over the face, fast and firm, using both hands to cover each side of the face at the same time. This is going to stimulate blood flow, helping to bring fresh nutrients to the skin surface while assisting lymphatic drainage. Do this all over the face, jaw, cheeks, neck, around the eyes and forehead. Also, the light lifting and plucking action, if you do it slightly gentler around the eyes, will aid in de-puffing the eye area as well."  Not only does James swear that this helps with fluid retention, I swear it also helps me get a good night's sleep. Win win for a tired puffy face. 

Liz Earle Superskin™ Concentrate For Night

The Morning After

"A great tip," says Margo Marrone, founder of The Organic Pharmacy, "is to use a herbal toner (try The Organic Pharmacy's Herbal Toner) taken straight form the fridge, spritzed on the face."  The Organic Pharmacy Herbal Toner includes chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus, "which help to de-puff and wake up a tired complexion," adds Marone. 

The Tincture

Anything with dandelion will help water retention.  Arm yourself with Pukka's   Organic Cleanse 20 Tea Bags, £2.39 for 20, and see your face gain shape. 

Pukka's Cleanse Tea